Stardew Valley Guide and Walkthrough

Stardew Valley is a popular farming and life simulator that was released back in 2016. This indie title made by ConcernedApe is still insanely popular with there being a ton of content to see and experience in the game. If you are just getting into the game we’ve compiled all of our guides for the game onto this page. Below you will find a number of links for our Stardew Valley guide and walkthrough.

Story and Side Quests Guides

Stardew Valley Henchman NPC.
Witch’s henchman NPC guarding the Witch’s hut.

The main objective in Stardew Valley is to run a thriving farm. This means you will need to have the farm appraised by the ghost of your grandfather. While this main objective is clear there is a ton of other stuff to do including a slew of side quests on your road to 100% completion. Some story guide we’ve made can be found below.

Starting Out TipsCommunity Center or JojaMart100% Completion Rewards
End-GameWizard QuestUpdate 1.4 Content
Trash Bear Quest14 Hearts EventsFragments of the Past
Cave PatrolMermaid Show CodeIridium Tools
Golden ScytheDark SwordGalaxy Sword
Infinity BladeDeluxe ScarecrowCalico Desert Merchant
Movie TheaterChange Pet BreedCommunity Upgrade Shortcuts
Magnifying Glass & Secret Notes Secret NotesStardrop
Strange CapsuleSquirrel FigurineLocked Boxes
Prismatic JellyHatsMayor’s Shorts
Robin’s AxeCasinoChickens
The Mysterious QiBlue ChickenGolden Chicken

Ginger Island Guides (Update 1.5)

Willy’s BoatHow to go to Ginger IslandVolcano Dungeon
Pirate’s Wife QuestJournal ScrapsGem Birds
Banana ShrineFossil Collection and AnswersGourmand Frog
Mr. Qi ShopGolden Walnut DoorGolden Walnut Unlocks
PiratesTool and Weapon EnchantingMermaid Song
Mole PuzzleOstrich??? Hat
Professor Snail Location

Stardew Valley Relationship Guides

Stardew Valley Leo's Treehouse.
Leo’s treehouse.

When you are not working the lands of your farm you can spend time getting to know the townsfolk. There are a variety of characters you can meet and relate with including marriage candidates, friends, and mysterious strangers. There is a ton of stuff discover through these relationships and our guides below help you do just that.

How to get marriedBachelors & BachelorettesGifts List
Villager’s BirthdaysShaneShane 14 Heart Event
Penny RomancePenny 14 Heart EventEmily Romance
Roomate KrobusLeo FriendshipDating Entire Town

These are the majority of articles we’ve created to help players navigate Stardew Valley. If there are any articles that don’t appear in the Stardew Valley guide and walkthrough above try the site’s search function to see what we’ve written. We will be updating this Stardew Valley guide with more articles if/when new updates are released.

Thoughts on our Stardew Valley guide and walkthrough? Drop them in the comments below.


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