Banana Shrine Guide – Stardew Valley

In the Jungle of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley there is a banana shrine. This shrine is located next to Leo’s house. The shrine itself is rather mysterious with two torches on it. When you approach the shrine and attempt to interact with it nothing happens. This is due to the fact you must present a specific fruit to the shrine. To learn more consult our banana shrine guide below.

How to Use the Banana Shrine

Image showing the Banana Shrine in Stardew Valley.
The Banana Shrine.

The Banana Shrine is fairly easy to complete as the name itself suggests what you need to do to complete it. With that said it is actually kind of difficult to procure a banana to give to the shrine. I lucked out and got a banana tree from inside the Golden Coconut you can find on the island. If that doesn’t work out for you you can wait for until you build the trading hut and buy it off the vendor there.

Once you have a banana head to the Jungle and approach the banana shrine. When you place the banana on the shrine you will see the two torches light up. Once the torches are lit a gorilla will appear. This gorilla will take your banana offering and will give you 3x Golden Walnuts for your offering to it.

That’s all you need to know to complete the banana shrine. While note especially difficult this task is fairly time consuming as the banana tree grows for 28 days before it yields any fruit. While you are waiting for the tree to grow you should be gathering other Golden Walnuts so you can unlock the different buildings on the island.

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