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Anthem fixes 0

Anthem Fixes Coming Soon Says Dev Livestream

Anthem has had a bit of a rocky launch with many players experiencing connection, performance, as well as gameplay issues with Bioware’s newest looter shooter. To address many of the issues players are facing, Bioware held a dev stream today...

Prospero's Shop Items for Sale 0

What’s for Sale in Prospero’s Shop – March 5

Prospero’s Featured Item shop in Anthem has been restocked with new items for players to purchase as of today (March 5). Check out what’s available in Prospero’s Shop below. Note: Shop cycles next on Friday. Prospero’s Shop Items for Sale...

Prospero's Shop Inventory March 1 - March 5 0

What’s for Sale in Prospero’s Shop – March 4

Prospero’s featured item shop has slew of new items thanks to the refresh on March 1. In Prospero’s shop you can buy various new skins, emotes and materials to change the look of your javelin. Check out what’s for sale...