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Is Apex Legends Pay-To-Win 0

Things to Know About Apex Legends

Apex Legends was launched on February 4 in what can easily be described as a quiet launch. Unlike other games of this generation, Apex Legends launched without having shown off any trailers or gameplay. While this approach seems like suicide in this...

A modder has added Bowsette to BOTW. 0

Modder Adds Bowsette to BOTW, Because Why Not?

A little while ago, the internet was a blaze with Bowsette, an anthropomorphised genderbend of the Super Mario villain Bowser who was created out of the Super Crown power up reveal in the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe trailer. If you read...

What's in the Nintendo Switch Online Service 0

What’s in the Nintendo Switch Online Service?

After what has been months of waiting, Nintendo has finally released their online offering for the Nintendo Switch. Dubbed Nintendo Switch Online, the new online service features a number of interesting features. So what’s in the Nintendo Switch Online service?...