Hold to Reset was started in January, 2016.  HtR was started for a few reasons. One was that I wanted to see if I could do something like this. The internet has always been a place of escape from reality for me.  I enjoy consuming the creations. Like many of you, I wondered if I could make something. However the thought of making a site seemed like a huge task requiring years of school (it does not, but doing it well is a whole nother story). When I was buying a joke URL for a joke site, I also looked into various URLs and their availability. When I put in holdtoreset.com I was shocked that it was available.  Whether it was fate or something else, I bought it. Fast forward about a year (2016), and the URL was just sitting dormant. So I decided to create something and here we are.

The second reason for holdtoreset.com is because I absolutely love video games. Seriously. When I think of any sort of overarching constant in my 25 year life span, gaming is it.  From DOS to Snes to N64 to Gamecube and on and on, my life is littered with memories of gaming adventures. This site will act as a sort of outlet for this passion. Expect news, reviews and opinions. Most of all expect this site to be a community for gamers.


– Enricofairme