Hold To Reset was created in 2016 by Eli “Enricofairme” McLean to bring a new voice to the Video Game Industry. Since its inception the site has grown exponentially in readership across a variety of verticals including guides, news articles, opinion pieces, lists and reviews. These pieces of content are the staple of the site which updates daily.

Nowadays you can find Hold To Reset across a variety of sources including the site’s HTR YouTube channel, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. For up to the minute coverage be sure to check the homepage often where we typically publish articles across a variety of categories.

The team at Hold To Reset consists of only a few core writers and developers. These individuals bring a variety of skills to the table allowing for a lean run organization that can focus on what’s important. Gaming. The crew is:

Hold To Reset Writers

  • Enricofairme: The founder and head writer of holdtoreset.com. Eli McLean has been writing about video games for the past six years. Over the course of those years he’s written articles that have received millions of views. You can follow Eli on Twitter @Enricofairme.

If you have any comments or suggestions hit up our Contact Form to shoot your message over to us. We are always looking for feedback, writers, or people to talk gaming with. If not happy gaming.  

– Enricofairme