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Blasphemous Reveal Trailer Full of Brutality

In 2017 I covered a kickstarter for Blasphemous, an upcoming title out of The Game Kitchen (studio behind The Last Door). What caught my attention with the game was its brutal design. Everything in the Kickstarter trailer looked ready to...

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Everything From The Pokemon 2019 Press Conference

Today, the Pokemon Company held their Pokemon 2019 Press Conference. During this event they announced a number of interesting Pokemon projects. Below is everything from the Pokemon 2019 press conference. Detective Pikachu sequel coming to Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Centers (Pokemon...

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Dauntless Has Reached 5 Million Players

Dauntless, the free to play monster hunting title out of Phoenix Labs has hit a number of player milestone recently. On Friday May 24th the studio announced they had reached 4 million players. Less than a day later the studio...