Xbox Developer Direct 2024: Every Game Announcement

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A few weeks ago Xbox revealed that they would be hosting a Developer Direct event on January 18th. That day has finally arrived and the livestream event showed off a number of new titles coming to Xbox/PC. For further details on everything announced during the Xbox Developer Direct 2024, see the list below.

What Games Were Announced During the Xbox Developer Direct 2024?

Today’s livestream event took place on the various Xbox social media channels. During the event players got a sneak peek at upcoming Xbox titles from 4 studios: Oxide, Obsidian, Ninja Theory, and Machine Games.

Each studio was given a brief segment to discuss their upcoming game coming to Xbox and PC in the coming months. The games shown during the event were:

  • Avowed (Obsidian) – First person action RPG featuring a variety of weapon choices including melee weapons, pistols, and wands to cast spells. Choices impact gameplay and quest outcomes. Fall 2024 release. Coming to Game Pass.

  • Senuas Saga: Hellblade II (Ninja Theory) – Follow up to Hellblade. Game takes place in Iceland applying a mixture of historical and surreal elements. All new combat for the sequel. May 21 release. Coming to Game Pass.

  • Visions of Mana (Square Enix) – Unexpected reveal. Added midstream. 3D Mana. Coming Summer 2024.

  • Ara: History Untold (Oxide) – New 4x Strategy game. Features a living world that contains a procedurally generated Earth. Choices players make impact the world. Features a crafting system. Simultaneous turn system. Fall 2024 release date. Coming to Game Pass.

  • Indiana Jones and The Great Circle (MachineGames) – First-person action adventure game. Gameplay is a mixture of gunplay, hand to hand combat, whip use, puzzle solving, and environmental traversal. 2024 release. Coming to Game Pass.

What did you think of today’s Xbox Developer Direct 2024? Let me hear your thoughts on the comments below.



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