Palworld Release Date Set for January 19

A screenshot from Palworld showing a Palmon holding a large gatling gun.
Palworld features crazy gameplay like this.

Palworld, the survival crafting monster collecting game, has revealed its official release date. On January 19th the game will arrive in early access on PC and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

If you haven’t been following Palworld it is an interesting indie title that takes the monster mechanics players would expect from a Pokemon title and meshes it with mechanics you would expect from something like Rust or Ark Survival Evolved.

In the game players exist alongside special creatures called Pals. These creatures, like Pokemon, can be caught and added to your collection. Things get a bit more weird once you learn what Pals are meant for. Each Pal features unique talents and abilities which can help you in surviving.

Survival comes in many forms from using Pals to build structures for you, putting them to work in factories, and even using them to farm food to make your life a little easier.

Further deviating from the kid friendly formula is the more nefarious elements Palworld offers players to participate in. There are wildlife preserves that you can sneak into to catch rare endangered Pals to sell or use for your own personal gain. You can also wield an arsenal of guns to take down Pals and other enemies you encounter in the wilds.

You can choose to go alone or play with friends. To start the game supports 4 player online co-op. Additionally dedicated servers will be able to have up to 32 players together. There is only PvE at launch but future updates will add PvP at a later date.

Alongside the release date announcement the developers Pocketpair revealed that Palworld will be coming to Xbox Game Pass day one. This means you can try out the game for free if you are a Game Pass member.

While I tried to do a good job of explaining this game, it really is a bit of a fever dream to view. The trailer above will give you a general sense of what to expect when it release on January 19th.

Will you play Palworld when it release? Let me know in the comments below.



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