GTA Online Gun Van Daily Location & Items

GTA Online received a new addition to the game in the form of a new NPC spawn called the Gun Van. This new spawn appears in 1 of 30 locations each in San Andreas. When the Gun Van is available to players they can visit it to purchase certain, heavily discounted, items ranging from guns and ammo to consumables. To learn more about this NPC see our GTA Online Gun Van guide below.

GTA Online Gun Van Location

Today the Gun Van location is in the parking lot to the west of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station in San Andreas. Head to the location shown above to find the van. Approach the van and speak to the NPC in the Gun Van to see what he has for sale today.

Each day the Gun Van spawns into GTA Online in one of thirty possible spawn locations. These spawn locations are the same for every player, meaning it is a shared spawn location across lobbies. The spawn location can be accessed in both private (ie invitation/crew only) lobbies or public lobbies. When you get close to the daily spawn location a van icon will appear on your map.

What Items is the Gun Van Selling Today?

GTA Online Gun Van NPC.
The Gun Van NPC sells three categories of items.

Once you’ve reached the Gun Van daily spawn location simply approach the back of the van. As you approach the doors will swing open and you will see an NPC there. Push the interact button when prompted to bring up the Gun Van’s inventory. This inventory is split into three groups: Weapons, Throwables, and Body Armor.

The inventory for sale in the Gun Van changes weekly (not daily) on Thursday during the weekly reset. For the week of January 19-26 the Gun Van is selling the following items:


  • Knife.
  • Baseball Bat.
  • Crowbar.
  • Vintage Pistol.
  • MG.
  • Precision Rifle.
  • Railgun.
  • Grenade Launcher.
  • Up-n-Atomizer.

Throwables (55%-75% off for GTA+ Members)

  • Molotov.
  • Proximity Mine.
  • Grenade.

Body Armor (55%-75% off for GTA+ Members)

  • Super Light Armor.
  • Light Armor.
  • Standard Armor.
  • Heavy Armor.
  • Super Heavy Armor.

Each week the items for sale in the Gun Van changes. This week you will want to purchase the Railgun as this is currently the only method of acquiring this weapon (for now). Weapons you purchase from the Gun Van can be upgraded through the Gun Van as well (similar to how you do it at any Ammu-Nation).

This post will update daily with the new Gun Van location. It will also update each week with the new inventory available for players to purchase. Be sure to comeback each week to see what is on offer. Additionally check out our other GTA Online posts including the weekly Podium Car and Prize Ride vehicle.

Thoughts on our GTA Online Gun Van Daily Location & Items guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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  1. Antonio Gaynor says:

    The gun van does not spawn in this location.

  2. VeePN says:

    The Weapon Mechanic’s workshop is where you can customize your vehicles. You can find it after you’ve bought the Weapon Mechanic upgrade.

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