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Poeltl game screen.

NBA fans rejoice. There is a daily word game that players can participate in that involves guessing an NBA player once per day. The NBPA hosts a game called Poeltl, providing fans with a fun way to test their NBA knowledge. If you’re stuck or simply eager to know the answer, this guide is designed for you. Below you will find the Poeltl game answer for today.

If you wish to play Poeltl you can do so by visiting the official Poeltl website. This site refreshes each day at midnight with a new player to guess.

What is Today’s Poeltl Game Answer?

Like other word games the goal of Poeltl is to guess the player using the least amount of tries. Each time you guess an active NBA player you will see hints about the day’s player based on things like Team, Conference, Division, Position, Height, Age, and Jersey Number. Using these hints you should arrive at the correct answer:

  • July 17 Player: Dyson Daniels (Atlanta Hawks)
  • July 16 Player: Bojan Bogdanović (Brooklyn Nets)
  • July 15 Player: Tre Mann (Charlotte Hornets)

To get the correct answer, simply input the name listed above into the field on the game’s page. This action will complete the day’s name challenge.

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Make sure you bookmark this page and return to it daily to maintain your daily streak. The developers also planning a leaderboard for the game for those who are extra competitive.

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