Pokedle Answers Today: Classic, Card, Description, and Silhouette

The Pokedle game main menu.

Have you wished there was a daily guess a Pokémon game you could play? Well I have good news for you the makers of LoLdle have broadened there offerings with the newly released Pokedle. This daily game allows you to guess Pokémon each day based on various hints. To make sure you are always right we’ve put together this daily Pokedle answers guide.

All Pokedle Answers Today for July 13, 2024

To bgein playing your Pokedle, visit the official Pokedle website. Upon arriving at the webpage, you’ll encounter the game’s menu displayed above.

This menu offers four question selections: Classic, Card, Description, and Silhouette, each providing unique clues for you to decipher. To easily solve them here are the current correct Pokedle answers for today:

Classic Answer

  • Aerodactyl

Card Answer

  • Kadabra

Description Answer – “This Pokémon from ancient times is said to have navi­ gated the sea by adeptly twisting its 10 tentacles.”

  • Omanyte

Silhouette Answer

  • Grimer

To answer questions in each category, simply type in the Pokemon’s name. The Pokemon will appear in the dropdown menu; select it and input the Pokemon’s name to submit your answer successfully.

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When Do the Pokedle Questions Change?

For passionate Pokedle players, staying updated on when the questions change is key to keeping the game engaging. Here’s the Pokedle daily refresh schedule:

Every day at 06:00 UTC, Pokedle presents a new set of questions. During this refresh, all clue categories are refreshed with a new Pokemon to guess.

So, if you’re a committed Pokedle fan, anticipate a fresh batch of challenges and clues each day at the same time. It’s a great way to test your Pokemon knowledge and enjoy the game’s diversity.

Did you find our daily Pokedle answers guide helpful? We value your feedback, so please let us know in the comments below.



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