Smashdle Answers Today: Classic, Final Smash, Kirby, Emoji, and Silhouette

The Smashdle game main menu.

If you’re a Super Smash Brothers enthusiast, you’re in for a treat with Smashdle, an engaging daily game that puts your Smash knowledge to the test. This daily challenge presents players with the exciting task of correctly identifying Smash characters based on clues that draw from in-game elements like Final Smash, animations, and silhouette. Some questions are a breeze to solve, while others offer a more challenging experience. To ensure you’re always on the mark with your choices, we’ve got today’s Smashdle answers ready for you.

All Smashdle Answers for May 29, 2024

Smashdle is a delightful in-browser game that you can enjoy daily. To embark on your Smashdle adventure, visit the official Smashdle website.

Upon arriving at the webpage, you’ll encounter the menu displayed above. This menu offers five selections: Classic, Quote, Ability, Emoji, and Splash Art, each providing unique clues for you to decipher. Here are the Smashdle answers for today:

Classic Answer

  • Bowser Jr.

Final Smash Answer – Wario-Man

  • Wario

Who Did Kirby Swallow Answer

  • Mewtwo

Emoji Answer

  • King Dedede

Silhouette Answer

  • Inkling

To answer questions in each category, simply type in the character’s name. The character will appear in the dropdown menu; select it and input the character’s name to submit your answer successfully.

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When Do the Smashdle Questions Change?

For avid Smashdle players, it’s important to know when the questions change to keep the game fresh and exciting. The Smashdle daily refresh schedule is as follows:

Every day at 06:00 UTC, Smashdle introduces a batch of fresh questions. During this daily refresh, all clue categories are updated with a new character to guess.

This means that if you’re a dedicated Smashdle enthusiast, you can look forward to a brand-new set of challenges and clues to decipher each day at the specified time. It’s an excellent way to keep your Super Smash Bros. knowledge sharp and enjoy the game’s variety.

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