Where is the Shipwreck Today in GTA Online

On August 26th, 2021, GTA Online added a new collectible to the world in the form of shipwrecks. Each day a shipwreck spawns randomly in a location and can be collected for rewards. To keep you up-to-date on the shipwreck location each day see our guide below. So if you are wondering where is the shipwreck today in GTA Online, it will show you.

Shipwreck Location Today in GTA Online (March 22)

Today you will find the crashed ship along the North Chumash beach in San Andreas. Go to the location shown on the video above and you will find the shipwreck next to some stones on the shore. Beside the crashed boat there is a treasure chest. Interact with it to collect the treasure.

When Does the Shipwreck Spawn and What are The Rewards for Collecting it?

GTA Online The Frontier Outfit.
The Frontier outfit is one of the rewards from Shipwrecks.

There are a number possible spawn locations for this collectible each day in GTA Online. At 6 AM UTC the server reset occurs and a new shipwreck location spawns into the game world. If you are in a game when it does it may not appear. Quit the game and reload to get in a new session then visit the location above.

Visiting the shipwreck and claiming its treasures earns you 20k $GTA and 2k RP. Alongside this reward there is a special outfit you can unlock for finding seven of the shipwrecks. The reward outfit you unlock is the Frontier outfit. This outfit makes you look like a frontiersman/pirate.

There are a number of collectibles for players to find in the world of GTA Online. They include the Music Sticks, the Playing Cards, Peyote Plants, Action Figures, and more. Each collectible has a special unlock tied to its completion and many rewards are rare items/outfits.

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