Where is the Shipwreck Today in GTA Online (September 2023)

On August 26th, 2021, GTA Online introduced an exciting new feature – daily shipwrecks. These shipwrecks spawn randomly each day at various locations, offering valuable treasures to players. To stay in the know about the daily shipwreck locations in GTA Online and their spawn times, delve into our comprehensive guide below.

When Does the Shipwreck Spawn in GTA Online

In GTA Online, the shipwreck spawns at various possible locations daily. The server undergoes a reset and introduces a new shipwreck location into the game world at 6 AM UTC. If you don’t spot it while in your current game session, don’t fret – simply quit and reload to join a new session. Then head to the location provided below to embark on your treasure hunt.

Where is the GTA Online Shipwreck Today – September 29

Today’s shipwreck can be found along Paleto Forest beach. Simply follow the location pinpointed in the video above, and you’ll stumble upon the crashed boat nestled next to shoreline rocks. Adjacent to the sunken vessel lies a treasure chest – interact with it to claim your rewards.

As an added bonus, explore more of GTA Online’s daily activities! The Gun Van, Street Dealers, and Cayo Perico Treasure Chests locations change daily in sync with the shipwreck. Check our dedicated guides to uncover these daily opportunities.

What Are the Rewards Shipwreck Rewards in GTAO?

GTA Online The Frontier Outfit.
The Frontier outfit is one of the rewards from Shipwrecks.

Visiting the crashed boat and collecting its treasures not only grants you a healthy 20k $GTA but also boosts your RP by 2k. Additionally, there’s a special outfit you can unlock by discovering seven shipwrecks – the Frontier outfit. This unique outfit transforms your character into a frontiersman or pirate.

GTA Online boasts a plethora of collectibles, each offering distinct unlocks and coveted rare items/outfits. These collectibles include Music Sticks, Playing Cards, Peyote Plants, Action Figures, and more.

Did our guide assist you in uncovering the current GTA Online shipwreck location? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.


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