Red Dead Online Daily Challenges List

In Red Dead Online players can complete Daily Challenges to earn Gold. These challenges are broken up into different categories depending on what you need to accomplish. Completing these challenges is an easy way to earn Gold in-game. To keep track of what challenges are active see our Red Dead Online daily challenges list below.

What are the Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online Today?

Image showing the Red Dead Online Daily Challenges menu.
Daily Challenges menu selection.

Each day at 7 AM BST Red Dead Online resets its challenges. These challenges can be found on the Free Roam menu > Daily Challenges. The challenges are split up into 7 Categories: General, Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector, Moonshiner, Naturalist, and Challenge Goals. The active Daily Challenges in each category are:

General Daily Challenges

  1. Finished Showdown in Takeover Series.
  2. 3x Items sold to a Fence.
  3. 3x Non-player enemies grappled to the ground.
  4. 3x Player kills in Dead Eye in Free Roam Events.
  5. 3x Player kills with explosives in Showdowns.
  6. 2x Spoonbills skinned.
  7. 5x Wintergreen Berries picked.

Bounty Hunter Daily Challenges

  1. 2x Bounties brought in from Lemoyne posters.
  2. 3x Bounty targets lassoed from horseback.
  3. 2x Bounty targets taken down with Bolas.

Trader Daily Challenges

  1. Cripps Special Camp Stew recipe completed.
  2. Medium animal carcasses donated to Cripps.
  3. $200 Money made from trading.

MORE: Madam Nazar location changes during reset as well.

Collector Daily Challenges

  1. 3x Arrowheads found.
  2. 3x Collector Maps used.
  3. 3x Tarot Cards found.

Moonshiner Daily Challenges

  1. Drank own strong moonshine.
  2. $200 Money made from moonshine sold.
  3. Changed decor in Moonshine Bar.

Naturalist Daily Challenges

  1. 5x Animal samples taken within 10 minutes.
  2. 2x Blending Tonics crafted or used.
  3. Don’t kill an animal for 24 game hours.

Challenge Goals

  1. Daily General Challenges x7.
  2. Daily Role Challenges x9.

Alongside the above mentioned challenges you will also find a daily streak tracker. Completing the daily challenges each day contributes to this tracker. Increasing your streak of challenge completions increases the amount of gold you earn. Previously streak gold had been quite high, but Rockstar nerfed it.

This post will update daily so check back often. Drop comments below regarding what you think about the active challenges and how you completed them.

Thoughts on our Red Dead Online Daily Challenges list? Drop them in the comments below.


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