Red Dead Online Daily Challenges List (October 2023)

In Red Dead Online players can complete Daily Challenges to earn Gold. These challenges are broken up into different categories depending on what you need to accomplish. Completing these challenges is an easy way to earn Gold in-game. To keep track of what challenges are active see our Red Dead Online daily challenges list below.

RDO Daily Challenges Today – October 2

Red Dead Online undergoes a daily reset of its challenges every day at 7 AM BST. These challenges can be conveniently located within the Free Roam menu under “Daily Challenges.” These daily tasks are categorized into seven distinct groups: General, Bounty Hunter, Trader, Collector, Moonshiner, Naturalist, and Challenge Goals. It’s important to note that these challenges are specific to the player’s chosen role in the game, and the ones detailed below are tailored for players who have reached level 20 or higher.

General Daily Challenges

  1. A Land of Opportunity mission completed.
  2. Clothing style updated.
  3. Cooked Seasoned Exotic Bird.
  4. Don’t reach high hostility within one game day.
  5. 5x Fish caught with a lure.
  6. 3x Player kills in Dead Eye in Free Roam Events.
  7. 5x Violet Snowdrop picked.

Bounty Hunter Daily Challenges

  1. 2x Bounties brought in from Lemoyne posters.
  2. 2x Bounty completed with at least one other Posse Member.
  3. 3x Bounty targets hogtied with a Reinforced Lasso.

Trader Daily Challenges

  1. 7x Medium animal carcasses donate to Cripps.
  2. 5x Perfect carcasses donated to Cripps.
  3. Resupply completed with 5 minutes left.

MORE: Madam Nazar location changes during reset as well.

Collector Daily Challenges

  1. 5x Bird Eggs found.
  2. 3x Lost Jewelry found.
  3. 3x Tarot Cards found.

Moonshiner Daily Challenges

  1. $200 Money made from moonshine sold.
  2. Changed decor in Moonshine Bar.
  3. 4x Moonshine served to other players at a bar.

Naturalist Daily Challenges

  1. 7x Crafted or cooked at Wilderness Camp.
  2. Legendary Animal photographed.
  3. 2x Sedated animals revived.

Challenge Goals

  1. Daily General Challenges x7.
  2. Daily Role Challenges x9.

Upon successfully completing any of the aforementioned challenges, you’ll be able to mark them as completed on your in-game Daily Challenges tracker. This not only adds to your daily accomplishments but also plays a crucial role in maintaining your daily streak. Your daily streak, in turn, enhances the rewards you receive for successfully completing the daily challenges.

Red Dead Online Daily Challenges Rewards

Each time you complete a challenges from the list above you earn Gold. The amount of Gold you earn is based on the challenge type you complete and what day your daily streak is on. The numbers are (thanks to Red Dead News):

StreakGold Per Challenge
Days 1-60.1
Days 7-130.15
Days 14-200.2
Days 21-280.25

Given the math above this means at a full daily streak of 21-28 days you are able to earn 5.5 Gold Per day or 38.5 Gold per week by completing all the daily and role challenges available to you.

This post will update daily so check back often. Drop comments below regarding what you think about the active challenges and how you completed them.

Thoughts on our Red Dead Online Daily Challenges list? Drop them in the comments below.


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