What is the Free Epic Game This Week?

Epic Games, the makers behind Fortnite run their own digital game storefront on PC. As part of their land grab for PC players the developers have been running a variety of free game promotions for players to grab. Typically the free games come out once per week on Thursday. The post below will keep you informed on what is the Free Epic Game this week. Let’s get to it.

Current and Upcoming Free Games From EGS

Free Epic Games for March 30-April 13.
The Free Epic Games this week.

Each week the Epic Game Store features a free game (or sometimes free games) for players to get. These free games change on a weekly basis on Thursday at 8 am PT. The screenshot above shows the currently available free games and the upcoming free game titles. They are as follows:

Check back next week for an update to the list above with the next batch of free games. Continue reading below to learn how you go about claiming the free games listed above.

How to Claim Free Epic Games & When they Change

The Free Epic Games Store section.
Free Games section of the Epic Games Store.

Claiming the free game is fairly easy to do. Make an Epic Games account then login to the store either the app or online. In the story there is a section for free games. Click the available Free Now titles then add them to your account. Once they are claimed you can download them whenever you wish.

As for when the free games switch it typically occurs on Thursday at 9 AM PT. The store will refresh with both the newly free titles and the upcoming titles. This page will update as well to reflect the available titles you can grab from the store. Let me know if you did in the comments.

Did you snag the Free Epic game this week? Let me know in the comments below.


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