Borderlands 3 Maurice’s Black Market Location & Inventory

In the Director’s Cut expansion of Borderlands 3 Gearbox has added a new legendary vendor. This legendary vendor is a vending machine called the Maurice Black Market. Each week the Maurice Black Market machine can be located on a different planet location. To check the location and what’s for sale we’ve put together this short guide. See the Borderlands 3 Maurice’s Black Market location below and what’s for sale.

Maurice’s Black Market Location Today (May 18-25)

Map location of Maurice Black Market in Meridian Outskirts area.
Maurice’s Black Market is located in Meridian Outskirts area of Promethea.

Each Thursday Maurice’s Black Market vendor resets at 9 am PT. This reset means the vending machine will appear in a new location in Borderlands 3. To find this location you have to scour each planet looking for the vending machine.

Thankfully for you, this post highlights the location of the vending machine each week. This week the vendor is located on the planet of Promethea in the named location of Meridian Outskirts. This week’s Black Market inventory is:

  • Venomous Ripper (SMG).
  • Tiggs’ Boom (Shotgun).
  • The Flood (Sidearm).

To buy any of the items above approach the vending machine and interact with it. Interacting with the machine takes you to a standard vending machine menu. Highlight the item you wish to purchase and push the buy button. The items purchased are added to your inventory (space permitting).

That’s all you need to find Maurice’s Black Market vending machine this week. The location and inventory of this vending machine changes at 9 AM PT on Thursday’s so check back each week for the updated inventory and location. Let me know what you’ve been buying from this vendor in the comments below.

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Thoughts on our Maurice’s Black Market location guide? Drop them in The Pit below.


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5 responses

  1. slope game says:

    I can’t seem to find Maurice’s Black Market vending machine.

  2. Jack Thacker says:

    YES. There is a problem. The Blackmarket machine appear like the Rare creatures. You fight your way to the machine and it’s not there!! Aggravating!!! I spent an hour last week reloading my game and the machine never appeared.

  3. Tkan says:

    The vending machine is not spawning like it should. It’s randomly reappearing after 30 minute intervals or continue game play (no game pausing actions).
    I’ve tries switching characters, changing PS4 accounts, restarting the PS4 and leaving different areas them coming back after 30 minutes of play. Nothing is triggering the respawn. Is there a known problem/fix for this?

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