Borderlands 3: How to Inspect Eridian Markings

As you travel across the various planets in Borderlands 3, you will come across Eridian Markings. These marking give you the option to inspect them, but nothing seems to happen. Continue reading to learn how to inspect Eridian Marking.

Defeat Troy at The Great Vault

Image showing Troy Calipso.

To start you need to playthrough pretty much 95% of the story. At this point you will restart a mission called The Great Vault. As the name suggests you will head to The Great Vault on Pandora. When you reach The Great Vault you will fight Troy Calipso. Upon defeat the game will appear to end. After the cutscene you will enter The Great Vault.

Get the Eridian Analyzer

Image showing how to get the Eridian Analyzer.

Inside The Great Vault make your way up to the stand to receive the Eridian Analyzer. With this item you are able to inspect the Eridian Markings across the various planets. This device is used during the story mission The First Vault Hunter.

There you have it, a quick description of how to inspect Eridian Markings in Borderlands 3. As you can see you will pretty much need to playthrough the majority of the main story before you can start inspecting the markings.

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