All Previous Prize Cars List for GTA Online

Thanks to the Los Santos Tuners update there is a new reward car players can earn each week in GTA Online. The reward car is the Prize Car. To earn the Prize Car you need to put some effort into completing specific car themed challenges each week. The list below tracks all previous Prize Cars that have been available for players to unlock.

What Have Been the Previous Prize Cars in GTA Online?

Image showing a Prize Ride Vehicle in the Los Santos Car Meet area of GTA Online.
A Prize Ride car.

The Prize Car is located inside the Los Santos Car Meet warehouse. It is the car located on the ramp truck. To win the car complete the challenge associated with it you can find under Interaction Menu > LS Car Meet > Prize Ride. You have one week to win it. Each Thursday a new car is placed on the ramp for you to win. The previous cars players could earn are:

2022 Prize Cars List

Challenge Start DatePrize RideValue
November 22Neo$1,875,000.
November 17Rallye$816,000.
November 10Casco$904,400.
November 3Mamba$995,000.
October 27Cheval Taipan$1,980,000.
October 20Lampadati Viseris$875,000.
October 13Grotti Cheetah$650,000.
October 6Lampadati Casco$904,000.
September 29Pegassi Infernus Classic$915,000.
September 22Flash GT$1,675,000.
September 15Maxwell Vagrant$2,214,000
September 8Pegassi Osiris$1,950,000.
September 1Declasse Mamba$995,000.
August 25BF Club$1,280,000.
August 18Vapid Retinue$615,000.
August 11Ocelot Swinger$909,000.
August 4Truffade Adder$1,000,000.
July 26Albany V-STR$1,285,000.
July 7-26Ubermacht Zion Classic$812,000.
June 30Gauntlet Classic$615,000.
June 23Vapid FMJ$1,750,000.
June 16Grotti Turismo Classic$500,000.
June 9Dewbauchee Specter$599,000.
June 2Vapid GB200$940,000.
May 26Bravado Youga Classic$16,000.
May 19Coquette Classic$665,000.
May 12Bravado Verlier$695,000.
May 5Itali GTB$1,189,000.
April 28Pegassi Zentorno$725,000.
April 21Jester Classic$790,000.
April 14Turismo Classic$705,000.
April 7Hakuchou Drag$976,000.
March 31Itali GTO$1,965,000.
March 24Sentinel XS$60,000.
March 10Comet S2 Cabrio$1,797,000.
March 3Dinka Sugoi$1,224,000.
February 24Rapid GT Classic$885,000.
February 17Truffade Nero$1,440,000.
February 10Albany Roosevelt$982,000.
February 3Pfister Comet S2$1,878,000.
January 27Karin Previon$1,490,000.
January 20Calico GTF$1,995,000.
January 13Dinka RT3000$1,715,000.
January 6Annis Euros$1,800,000.
TOTAL VALUE: $54,542,400.

2021 Prize Cars List

Challenge DatePrize RideValue
December 29Ocelot Ardent$1,150,000.
December 22Vapid Clique$909,000.
December 15Futo GTX$1,590,000.
December 9Emperor Vectre$1,785,000.
December 2Emperor Vectre$1,785,000.
November 25Annis ZR350$1,615,000.
November 18Dominator GTT$1,220,000.
November 11Sultan RS Classic$1,789,000.
November 4Ubermacht Cypher$1,550,000.
October 28Tailgater S$1,495,000.
October 21Dinka RT3000$1,715,000.
October 14Dominator ASP$1,775,000.
October 7Calico GTF$1,995,000.
September 30Emperor Vectre$1,785,000.
September 23Karin Previon$1,490,000.
September 16Dinka Jester RR$1,970,000.
September 9Pfister Growler$1,627,000.
September 2Ubermacht Cypher$1,550,000.
August 26Annis Euros$1,800,000.
August 19Dominator GTT$1,220,000.
August 12Futo GTX$1,590,000.
August 5Annis ZR350$1,615,000.
July 29Vulcar Warrener HKR$1,260,000.
July 22Annis Remus$1,370,000.
TOTAL VALUE: $37,650,000.

As more Prize Cars are released each week in-game I will update this list accordingly. Keep in mind that unlike the Podium Car you will need to put in a bit of effort to receive this car. Tasks to unlock the cars involve completing races and other tuner specific objectives.

What do you think of all previous prize cars that have been released? Let me know what you’ve earned in the comments below.


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  1. John says:

    This list is not correct

    Vulcar Warrener HKR was the 2nd prize ride. (July 29)

  2. Piero says:

    I think that’s an awesome feature to get cool cars for free and to incentivize racing in gta online.

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