GTA Online Los Santos Tuners release date and details revealed

GTA Online Los Santos Tuners cars photo.

Last week Rockstar hinted at the upcoming Car Meet GTA Online update and today they’ve shared more details. Called the GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update the new DLC will release on July 20th.

News of the upcoming DLC released on the Newswire Service by Rockstar. The post lays out what sort of content is coming to the car-centric Los Santos Tuners update. The update focuses on car culture and the aspects that highlight the hobby. This means modding and showing off your vehicle to other players.

Los Santos Tuners DLC Content

The major tentpole of the update is a new car meet warehouse. The warehouse is a giant shared social space for enthusiasts to show-off their cars, race, use the Test Track, or take on shady contracts for easy money. The Car Meet location is in the Cypress Flats area of Los Santos. To start the upcoming update you will visit this location when it releases.

One interesting aspect of the new Car Meet location is that it is a gun free zone. This means you will not have to worry about griefers giving you grief while trying to show off you vehicles.

Alongside the release of the new location there is a special LS Car Meet membership players can purchase for $50,000. This membership grants you privileges in the Car Meet warehouse including access to Prize Ride Challenges. Prize Ride Challenges earn Prize Rides and access to Merch and Tattoo and a Modding Area. Higher level members can trigger Private Takeovers of the warehouse, allowing them to customize it to meet their special tastes.

Rounding out the update there are new races and race types being added in the DLC. 17 new cars are coming in the update as well. 10 cars will release at launch, with the other 7 planned as drip-feed content.

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