GTA Online Summer update teased by Rockstar

After releasing a large update last year for GTA Online, Rockstar has been fairly quiet over what is coming next for the popular online title. We now have more of an idea thanks to a recent tease on the company’s Newswire service. The GTA Online Summer update appears to be on the horizon.

Before jumping head first into the tease note there isn’t much in terms of details around what exactly is coming in the GTA Online Summer update. Rockstar has teased the update before, but they have now shared a screenshot and details on what to expect. From the Newswire post:

GTA Online’s forthcoming summer update includes the Los Santos Car Meet, the beating heart of car culture in Southern San Andreas. Keep an eye out on the Newswire for more information coming soon.

In typical Rockstar fashion the tease itself is really not much to go off. With that said we do know the update will feature Car Meets in some fashion. This is an often requested system that until now has been largely player driven. What this means in terms of content remains to be seen. If it is like other updates expect new cars and properties to be added.

There is currently no official release date for the GTA Online Summer update. Tez2, a well known Rockstar insider, has pointed towards Tuesday July 20th as being the release date. This coincides with when updates are typically released for the title. Expect a trailer to drop soon alongside more details for the update DLC.

Thoughts on the GTA Online Summer update? Let me hear them in the comments below.

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