Temtem Weekly Reset: Saipark Temtem and Freetem Reward – June 1-7

Each week in Temtem there is a weekly reset. This reset is designed to refresh specific things in the game; the Temtem Saipark location and the Freetem rewards. Both resets of these specific game mechanics mean new Temtem encounters and new items in the game. To help you keep track of everything in the Temtem weekly reset we’ve put together this list below.

What Temtem are in the Saipark this Week?

Image showing the Temtem weekly reset for June 1-7.

The Saipark is a special location Tamers can visit after they’ve acquired the Rock-Hopping Hook. Once you have this hook you can access the Saipark on Deniz Route 1. At this location you pay a fee to access the Saipark where you can attempt to capture two specific Temtem for the week along with other Temtem. Since this is a special area you will notice special bonuses for the featured Temtem encounters.

This week’s Saipark Temtem and changes are:

Featured Temtem in the Saipark (June 1-7)

  • Valash.
  • Nessla.

Saipark Information (June 1-7)

  • Featured Temtem Encounter Bonuses: Low Spawn Rate; 2x Luma Chance.
  • Admission Price: 3,000 Pacsun.
  • Saicards Received: 7.

What is the Reward for Freetem this Week?

Each week the Freetem Society updates the rewards it has available for freeing Temtem instead of catching them. These rewards involve reaching a specific amount of freed Temtem during the week. The requirements for the reward this week are as follows:

  • Rewards:
    • 20 Tiny Crystals (40 Released).
    • 2 Enh. Coconut (150 Released).
    • 3 TH-SPD (250 Released).
    • 10 Energetic Banana (425 Released).

To unlock the Freetem reward for the week you need to free the required Temtem. Once you’ve done this you will be able to claim the weekly reward from the Freetem Society.

That’s everything from the Temtem weekly reset. Comeback next week to check out the update that occurs on Monday. This page will refresh to reflect any changes made during the weekly reset.

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