Temtem: Saipark Guide – Where to Find, What Temtem are Available

Temtem received some new content during the weekly reset on February 17 in the additions of a new area called the Saipark. As the name of the Saipark suggests, this location is a Temtem park you can visit to catch Temtem. To help you learn more about this new addition check out our Temtem Saipark guide below.

Note: this location requires having the Rock-Hopping Hook to access.

Where is the Saipark?

Image showing where to go to reach the Temtem Saipark.

The Saipark is an mid-game location on Deniz Route 1. This mid-game location is accessible at the end of the current EA content via the Rock-Hopping Hook. To access the Saipark yourself make your way to the spot marked on the map above and cross the gap to the west.

When you arrive on the first platform you will see a Saipark employee behind a counter. Speak to this NPC to learn more about the Saipark area. When you’ve learned enough pay the entrance fee to enter the park. Note the admission price changes weekly. Here’s what you need to know for this week:

Saipark Information (June 1 – 7)

  • Featured Encounter Bonus: Low spawn rate; 2x Luma chance.
  • Price: 3,000 Pacsun.
  • Saicards: 7.

Inside the park you will encounter specific Temtem for the week. This makes attempting to attain Luma versions of specific Temtem much easier than trying to get them on the overworld.

What Temtem are in the Saipark this Week?

Image showing the Temtem Weekly Reset for Jun 1 - 7.
Image via Temtem.

The point of the Saipark is to catch Temtem. To do this you use the Saicards the park gives to you when you pay the admission fee (can buy more from the Temporium inside the park). With these special cards you can catch the Temtem of the week you will encounter in the Saipark. This week’s Temtem are the following:

Temtem in the Saipark (June 1 – 7)

  • Valash.
  • Nessla.

You will want to look in the marked areas on the map above for the featured weekly Temtem. There are other Temtem that can appear in the park as well, but they do not get the same bonus encounter stats.

How to Catch Temtem in the Saipark?

Catching Temtem in the Saipark works exactly like catching Temtem in the overworld. Wait for a wild encounter to happen then battle the Temtem. Lower its health to help with catching and throw a Saicard when you feel it is weak enough. Once caught you can add the Temtem to your party or send it to the pc.

That’s all you need to know about Saipark in Temtem. If you’ve reached the end of EA this location is for you. Happy hunting. Hopefully the Lumas are bountiful for you Tamer.

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