Animal Crossing New Horizons The Roost Unlock Guide

Ordering a coffee inside of the Roost cafe in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Unlock The Roost, a special Coffee shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, on your island. Brewster, an animal character, manages this cozy spot where players can enjoy a cup of joe. Explore our guide below to learn how to unlock Brewster and The Roost for you and your islanders to enjoy.

Before proceeding with this guide, it’s crucial to ensure you’ve completed one very important step: updating or having updated the game to at least Version 2.0. This ensures you can unlock Brewster and The Roost.

Complete the Cafe Quest for Blathers

Blathers giving the player the Cafe quest inside the Museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Blathers will give you a quest to add a Cafe to the Museum.

To unlock The Roost in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players need to complete a special quest for the Museum curator, Blathers. This quest becomes available if players have met the following requirements (discovered by Animal Crossing World):

  • Completed the K.K. Slider unlock
  • Upgraded the Museum to include the Art exhibit
  • Donated at least one Fish, Bug, Fossil, and piece of Art
  • Be the Island Representative (primary player)
  • Playing solo with no visitors or co-op players
  • Can’t be done during the International Museum Day event

Once these requirements are met, visit the Museum and speak to Blathers, who will be in the thinking phase. Blathers will give you a photo of Brewster and will instruct you to find him to build the Cafe in the Museum.

Go to the Mystery Island to Find Brewster

Kapp'n in his boat offering players a mystery tour in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Take a mystery tour with Kapp’n to find Brewster.

To find Brewster, players need to take a boat tour from Kapp’n to a special mystery island. To do this, simply visit the dock on your island and speak to Kapp’n in his boat. Agree to go on the tour and pay the 1,000 Nook Miles to begin.

Where to Find Brewster on the Mystery Island

Brewster on the mystery Gyroid island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Brewster can be found wandering around the mystery Gyroid island.

During the boat trip Kapp’n will take you and drop you at a special Gyroid island. On this island explore around the river until you encounter Brewster, who is dressed up in expedition gear. Speak to him to tell him that Blathers sent you and invite him back to your island.

Speaking to Brewster on this mysterious island rewards the player with a Gyroid fragment. This special item can be planted on your island to cause a fully formed Gyroid to grow the next day.

How Long to Build The Roost Cafe

Leave the mystery island and head back to your island. Once you’re back, go to the Museum and speak to Blathers. Inform him that you found Brewster. Blathers will then discuss making arrangements to build the cafe.

The Roost takes one real-time day to complete. This means the Museum will be closed tomorrow and then reopen the day after. You can either wait for the real day or time travel by changing your Nintendo Switch’s system time. Either way, pass the time so the Cafe is added to your Museum.

What Can You Do in The Roost Cafe?

Once The Roost cafe is built in your Museum, you’re free to visit it whenever you’d like. To do so, simply enter the Museum and head to the cafe located at the top left of the stairs. Inside the cafe, players can engage in a few interesting activities.

First, you can order Coffee by sitting at the bar. Each Coffee costs 200 Bells. If the player buys three Coffees over three days, they unlock the ability to order Coffee to go. Coffee ordered to go is added to your inventory and provides an energy boost when consumed.

The second interesting activity is speaking to Brewster. Doing this regularly prompts Brewster to give players various gifts, such as DIY recipes and Coffee Beans. Additionally, it unlocks special options when ordering Coffee, including letting it cool or adding Pigeon milk.

Lastly, players can visit the Cafe with other players or encounter villagers. There is a special Amiibo phone players can use to invite characters to The Roost using Amiibo cards.

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