Animal Crossing New Horizons Coffee

Brewster making coffee in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Coffee is a returning series item players can purchase as of Version 2.0. This special consumable item can drank by the player upon getting it from a special vendor. If you want to learn more about this item see our complete guide below for details.

How to Buy a Coffee in The Roost and What it Does

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can purchase Coffee by visiting The Roost within the Museum. This unique vendor spot, once unlocked, sits at the top left side of the entrance area’s stairs. Accessing The Roost is achievable through a couple of methods.

The first method involves completing The Roost request for Blathers when it becomes available. This task requires finding Brewster on a Mystery Island, resulting in the permanent unlocking of the vendor on your island.

Alternatively, you can simply visit a friend’s island where The Roost is already unlocked. This grants you access to the café without needing to complete the request yourself.

Ordering a coffee inside of the Roost cafe in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
You buy Coffee from Brewster in The Roost cafe.

Through either method, you can enter The Roost, sit at the bar, and order Coffee. Each cup costs 200 Bells and is available for purchase multiple times throughout the day. However, sipping Coffee at the bar doesn’t offer any additional benefits, such as energy, to the player.

When you buy Coffee from the bar you have the option to let it cool. Doing this repeatedly over the course of a few days will prompt Brewster to ask the player if they like their Coffee at a lower temperature. If they answer yes he will prepare Coffee from then on at a lower temperature. This provides no benefit, but is a nice little detail.

How to Unlock Takeout Coffee from The Roost

You can unlock Takeout Coffee from The Roost by purchasing coffee from Brewster on three different days. On the third day, Brewster will inform you that, starting the next day, you can buy coffee from the counter to the right.

Takeout Coffee costs 300 Bells to purchase.

Once unlocked, players can start buying to-go Coffee from The Roost by standing next to the cash register. When you purchase Takeout Coffee, priced at 300 Bells, it gets added to your inventory.

You can consume the Takeout Coffee at any time. Simply open your inventory and hold it. Push the interact button to take a sip of it. Each sip you take earns you +1 Energy. One Takeout Coffee contains +3 Energy in total.

If you visit a friend’s island with The Roost already unlocked, you can purchase Takeout Coffee regardless. This enables you to fill your pockets with Coffee even if you haven’t unlocked The Roost or Takeout Coffee yet.

Unlocking the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Coffee item is fairly simple. Having it available, particularly Takeout Coffee, can be useful for players seeking an on-demand energy source.

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