Animal Crossing Horizons: How to Setup Your Tent

Animal Crossing Horizons takes the beloved franchise and sets it on a deserted island. On this deserted island you will need to work the land and help settle it for other NPCs and players to visit. To start this process you will want to pitch your tent to get started. Continue reading below to learn how to setup your tent in Animal Crossing Horizons.

How to Place the Tent in Animal Crossing Horizons

Image showing how to setup your Tent in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Start the game and complete the opening section of Animal Crossing Horizons to reach your island. When you arrive on the island you will be prompted to head to the town square to speak to Tom Nook. After Tom Nook speaks with you he will mention setting up your tent. To do this speak to either Timmy or Tommy to receive the Tent item.

With the Tent item in your inventory head to the location on he island you think is best for your setup. Ideally you want to place your tent around a collection of resources. When you find this type of spot open your inventory with X and select the Tent and Build Here. After choosing the Build Here option you will be able to visualize the spot with your tent setup by selecting Let me imagine it… If you like the spot build it.

When your Tent is finally setup you can return to Tom Nook to continue the opening tutorial. Note that the process for setting up tents for the other NPCs is similar to the one mentioned above.

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