GTA Online: Cayo Perico Treasure Chest Daily Locations Guide

Image showing the Kosatka planning screen in GTA Online.

As part of the Cayo Perico update, Rockstar has introduced a lucrative addition to GTA Online – daily treasure chests on Cayo Perico Island. These treasures reset daily, with one concealed on the island’s terrain and another submerged beneath its waters. Each chest you uncover rewards you with in-game currency, GTA$, which you can spend on an array of items, from weapons and clothing to properties and more. For expert guidance on locating these hidden treasures, consult our comprehensive daily Cayo Perico Treasure Chest locations guide below.

What is the Cayo Perico Treasure in GTAO?

The Cayo Perico Treasure, a daily spawning chest, can be found in two distinct locations on Cayo Perico Island every real-world day following the daily reset. These treasure chests spawn on the island’s terrain and beneath the sea, each rewarding you with GTA$15,000 when discovered, summing up to a convenient GTA$30,000 daily windfall.

How to Collect Treasure on Cayo Perico in GTAO?

  1. Head to your Kosatka submarine and navigate to the Control Room.
  2. Ensure you are registered as the boss of one of the organizations.
  3. Use the Planning Screen in the Control Room to commence an intel gathering mission on Cayo Perico.
  4. Make your way to LSIA to access the island.

Once on the island, you are free to explore and collect intel. While doing so, seize the opportunity to acquire the two daily treasures. To pinpoint the locations of these treasures, refer to the exact spots listed below in our daily Cayo Perico treasure chest locations guide.

Where are the Cayo Perico Treasure Chest Locations Today in GTA Online?

The treasure chests on Cayo Perico spawn in two locations – one on land and one underwater. There are a total of 19 possible spawn points: 10 on land and 9 in the water. The locations specified below indicate where you can find the treasure chests today on Cayo Perico.

Cayo Perico Land Treasure Chest Location Today

Image showing the GTA Online Cayo Perico Treasure Chest located in the culdesac on the island.
This treasure chest is located next to the crates at this map location.

Cayo Perico Underwater Treasure Chest Location Today

Image showing the GTA Online Cayo Perico Treasure Chest underwater by coral.
This treasure chest is located underwater at at this map location

Upon discovering a spawned treasure chest, approach it and interact with it to trigger a brief cutscene where your character opens the chest. Upon completion of the cutscene, you’ll receive GTA$15,000. Additionally, you’ll make progress towards the Treasure Hunter award, based on your treasure collection activities on the island. Once you’ve collected both treasures, you’ll need to wait 24 real-time hours for new spawns to appear.

This is just one of the several daily collectibles you can find in GTA Online. Be sure to explore our other guides, such as the Gun Van location, daily shipwreck location, and Street Dealers locations, for assistance in tracking down those daily spawns.

Share your thoughts on our Cayo Perico treasure chest locations guide in the comments below.


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