Where is Madam Nazar Today in Red Dead Online 2 (2022)?

In Red Dead Online there is a mysterious travelling saleswoman called Madam Nazar. Nazar moves here sales caravan every day in Red Dead Online. This can make finding her a bit difficult. To help you find her use our where is Madam Nazar today guide below.


Madam Nazar Location Today (November 27)?

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Madam Nazar is located to the north of Saint Denis in the Bluewater Marsh named area (video location above). She is located along a path here with her mobile sales coach. Once you visit, her location will appear on your map.

What Does Madam Nazar Do?

Image showing the Collector's Bag which is part of Madam Nazar's services.

The purpose of this NPC is to serve as the vendor for the Collector role. From this NPC you can purchase the Collector’s Bag which allows you to travel around the map collecting various items such as Buried Treasure, Tarot Cards, Bird Eggs, Wild Flowers, and more.

Keep in mind you can sell the individual collectibles to Madam Nazar for cash, but the ideal approach is selling a complete collection to get the most money from her. This means you need to find all individual items in a collection before selling.

To make your life easier while you are out collecting use the Jeanropke map. This map shows the locations of every collectible in Red Dead Online. Use it to cut down on time and save yourself money from having to buy maps from Madam Nazar.

What Does Madam Nazar Sell?

Image showing one of the Belt Buckles Madam Nazar sells in Red Dead Online.

Since this NPC is a vendor she sells a number of useful items for players to purchase to help them with the Collector’s Role. These items are the following:

Collector’s BagPurchase to start Naturalist role.15 Gold (free if collect all GTAO Playing Cards).
Pennington Field Shovel (Collector Rank 1)Dig up buried treasure.$350.00
Aguila Machete (Collector Rank 5)Melee weapon. 6 Gold.
Refined Binoculars (Collector Rank 5)View things from long distances.$450.00
Metal Detector (Collector Rank 5)Find buried treasure to dig up.$700.00
MapsHighlights areas to search for valuables on map.– Arrowheads (Requires Shovel): $18.00.
– Bird Eggs: $19.00.
– Antique Alcohol Bottles: $13.00.
– Tarot Cards: $14.00.
– American Wild Flowers: $12.50.
– Miscellaneous: $18.50.
– Lost Jewelry (Collector Rank 10): $26.00.
– Coins (Requires Metal Detector): $27.00.
– Family Heirlooms (Requires Metal Detector): $14.50.
Crafting ItemsItems used to craft different recipes. – Burdock Root: $1.00.
– English Mace: $1.00.
– Indian Tobacco: $1.00.
– Milkweed: $1.00.
– Violet Snowdrop: $1.00.
– Wild Feverfew: $1.00.
– Prairie Poppy: $1.00.
– Yarrow: $1.00.
– Oleander Sage: $1.00.
– Ginseng: $1.00.
– Currant: $1.00.
– Sage: $1.00.
– Flight Feather: $0.50.
MoonshineCan be drunk. $2.25.
ApparelItems to wear. Varies.

Come back every day and I will update the location of Madam Nazar. If you want me to add anything or have some suggestions, the best place for them is in the comments section down below. Thanks for reading and happy collecting.

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