All Playing Cards Locations in GTA Online

In the new The Diamond Casino & Resort update for GTA Online there is a nice addition of some open world collectibles for players to find. These collectibles come in the form of 54 playing cards spread throughout the open world. To help you find these collectibles, use our playing cards locations guide below.

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  • There are a total of 54 playing cards to collect.
  • The cards are small but give off a noticeable pulsing flash.
  • You can collect the playing cards in a solo lobby.
  • Each card you collect will earn you RP and Casino Chips.
  • To collect the card simply walk into it.
  • Collect all 54 cards for the High Roller outfit and special Private Dealer deck.
  • Collect all 54 Cards for a special unlock in RDO.
  • Guide: All 100 Action Figure locations.

Playing Card Locations Map

Image showing a map of all 54 playing cards locations in GTA Online.

This map shows you the locations of all 54 playing cards in GTA Online. Use it as a reference with the locations listed below to find each playing card.

Card 1: Jetsam Terminal Building

Image showing the location of the Jetsam Terminal playing card.

Make your way to the shipyard area (Terminal) and look for a building along the northside that has Jetsam Terminal sign in front of it. In this building there is a breezeway with picnic tables. On the picnic table is the card.

Card 2: LSIA Entrance

Image showing the location of the LSIA playing card.

The first playing card can be found just outside the LSIA ground level entrance. Look at the doors leading into the airport and to left right you will see blue chairs along the wall with the card on it.

Card 3: Cypress Flats Ammunation

Image showing the Cypress Flats Ammunation playing card location.

The other Ammunation that has a range also has a playing card in it. This Ammunation is located in the Cypress Flats area. Go into the shooting range portion of the building to find the card on a binder.

Card 4: Maze Bank Arena Parking Booth

Image showing the location of the Maze Bank Arena parking booth card.

Head to the parking lot to the northeast of the Maze Bank Arena and enter the small parking booth to find this playing card.

Card 5: La Mesa Old Bus

Image showing the La Mesa Old Bus playing card location.

On the corner of Orchardville Avenue and Innocence Boulevard in La Mesa there is a Vagos warehouse. Behind this warehouse there is an alley with an old bus in it (on east side). In the bus is a playing card.

Card 6: El Burro Heights Tattoo Shop

Image showing the location of the El Burro Heights playing card.

Inside the El Burro Heights Tattoo Shop you will find a playing card by the coffee maker.

Card 7: Davis Fire Department

Image showing the location of the Davis Fire Department card.

Make your way to the Davis Fire Department (found northeast of the Davis barber). Go inside the open bay doors and look for a shelf along the wall to find the card.

Card 8: Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club

Image showing the location of the Vanilla Unicorn playing card.

Make your way to the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club and head to the second booth along the left wall. Here you will find a playing card.

Card 9: Vespucci Beach Workout Area

Image showing the location of the Vespucci Beach workout area playing card.

Make your way to Vespucci Beach and head to the workout area. Look for multiple incline benches in the northeast corner of the area to find the card on one of them.

Card 10: Puerto del soul Train Platform

Image showing the Puerto del soul Train Platform playing card location.

Located in Little Soul just south of a gas station is the Puerto del soul train platform to ride public transit. On this platform there are a number of cement benches. On a bench is the card.

Card 11: Vespucci Beach Barber

Image showing the location of the Vespucci Beach barber playing card.

Inside the Vespucci Beach Barbershop you will find the playing card on the table by the front window.

Card 12: Gift Booth Pier

Image showing the gift booth pier playing card location.

You will find a playing card on the Los Santos pier in the Gifts at the Pier booth.

Card 13: Pillbox Hill Silver Statue Area

Image showing the Pillbox Hill Statue playing card location.

One block west of the Textile movie theatre there is a skyscraper with a large statue in its courtyard. In this area with the statue you will find a playing card.

Card 14: Henrietta Heights Liquor Store

Image showing the Henrietta Heights Liquor Store playing cards.

In the liquor store in the Henrietta Heights area there is a playing card. Head into the back room of the store to find it on a shelf there.

Card 15: Pillbox Hill Ammunation

Image showing the location of the Pillbox Hill Ammunation playing card.

Inside the Pillbox Hill Ammunation (East of Simeon’s) you will find the next card on a table just outside the shooting range.

Card 16: Movie Studio

Image showing the Movie Studio playing card location

The next card can be found inside the Movie Studio in Richards Majestic. Head along the main road through the studio and look for Stage 15. Nearby there is a food trailer. By this food trailer along the retaining wall is a card.

Card 17: Mirror Park Convenience Store

Image showing the Mirror Park Convenience Store playing card.

Head to the Convenience Store in the Mirror Park area and make your way to the back room. Inside this room you will find the card on top of a TV.

Card 18: Inside Auto Exotic

Image showing the location of the Inside Auto Exotic playing card.

In Hawick to the east of the Ammunation along the bend in the road there is a building called Auto Exotic. Go inside the open bay door to find the playing card on a toolbox.

Card 19: Burton Ponsonbys

Image showing the location of the Burton Bonsonbys playing card.

In the Ponsonbys in Burton you will find the playing card in the fitting room area on the table pictured above.

Card 20: Rockford Hills Von Crastenberg Hotel

Image showing the Von Crastenberg Hotel playing card location.

Northwest of the Life Invader office building lies the Von Crastenberg Hotel. On the southside of the hotel there are a number of service bays. There is an open door here that leads to a hallway with some shelves inside. On the shelves is the playing card.

Card 21: Richman Backyard Chess Piece

Image showing the Richman Backyard Chess Piece playing card location.

To the southwest of the golf club there are a number of large mansions in the Richman area. The one you want is on the corner to the northwest of the movie theatre. Head into the mansions backyard to find the playing card on top of a chess piece.

Card 22: Rockford Hills Garage

Image showing the Rockford Hills Garage playing card location.

On the northeast side of the golf club across the street there is a house on the corner. Inside this house you can enter the garage to find playing card.

Card 23: Pacific Standard Bank

Image showing the Pacific Standard Bank playing card location.

Inside the Pacific Standard Bank there is a playing card on a glass table.

Card 24: West Vinewood Gentry Manor Hotel

Image showing the Gentry Manor Hotel playing card location.

The Gentry Manor Hotel can be found at this location on your map in West Vinewood. Once you’ve reached this location make your way into the courtyard to find the card on a chair.

Card 25: Vinewood Hills Yellow House

Image showing the Vinewood Hills Yellow House playing card location.

In the Vinewood Hills to the west of the 3655 Oats Dr property there is a yellow house. In the backyard of this house there is a ping pong table with the playing card on it.

Card 26: Tataviam Mountain Ammunation

Image showing the Tataviam Mountain Ammunation playing card location.

Inside the Ammunation in the Tataviam Mountain area (along the highway) you will find another playing card on the counter beside the jackets.

Card 27: Martin Madrazo Farm Shed

Image showing the Martin Madrazo farm playing card location.

Make your way to Martin Madrazo’s farming compound in Vinewood Hills. Head to the westside of the compound and look for some vending machines by sheds. Inside these sheds is a card.

This marks the halfway point of our 54 Playing Cards Locations guide. Since there are a number of images in this guide I will be splitting it up over two pages. Check out the next 27 playing card locations on the next page.

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