All Action Figure Locations in GTA Online

In the most recent GTA Online weekly update Rockstar added a new batch of collectibles for players to find. These collectible are Action Figures spread out across the map. To help you find these collectibles here are all action figure locations in GTA Online.


  • There are 100 Action Figures to collect.
  • Each Action Figure you collect earns you $1.5K and 1K RP. This totals out to $150,000 and 100,000 RP.
  • Alongside the Cash/RP you unlock the Impotent Rage outfit and haircut, and 8 figurines for decorating your Casino penthouse.
  • To quickly collect all Action Figures use a vehicle that’s fast to get around in.
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Action Figures Locations Map (Credit: FoxySnaps)

Map created by FoxySnaps showing the location of all the action figures in GTA Online.

The following map was created by YouTuber FoxySnaps. This map shows the locations of all 100 Action Figures in GTA Online. You can follow this GTA V creator on Twitter and Youtube for more content like the map above.

Each Action Figures Locations (Credit: GTA Series Video)

Armed with the map above, use this well put together video by YouTuber GTA Series Video to find each action figure. This video shows you all the action figure locations as well as the rewards for finding all 100 of them.

This concludes our all Action Figure locations in GTA Online guide. Let us know if you found all 100 action figures in The Pit below. Happy hunting!


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