All Peyote Locations in GTA Online

In GTA Online there have been a number of collectibles released. These collectibles range from playing cards to action figures. One collectible which has yet to be released is Peyote plants. In total there are 76 of these plants hidden throughout Los Santos. To help you find all 76, check out our all Peyote locations in GTA Online guide below.


Peyote Locations Map (Credit: Akmelion)

Map showing All Peyote Locations in GTA Online.

The map above was created by Steam user Akmelion. As you can see the map above shows you the locations of the 76 Peyote plants in GTA Online. Use it to find the general location of each plant. As you can see they are spread out across the different regions of Los Santos. With that said the bulk of them can be found around the City of Los Santos. If you need further help narrowing down the exact locations check out the video below.

Peyote Locations (Credit: FoxySnaps)

The video above was created by YouTuber FoxySnaps. In the video Foxy shows you the locations of each and every Peyote plant. If you want to support FoxySnaps make your way over to his Twitter and say thanks for the awesome work!

This concludes our GTA Online Peyote locations guide. Let us know if you found all 76 Peyote plants in The Pit below. Happy hunting!

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