GTA Online Prize Ride Vehicle

In the Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online there is a new system called the Prize Ride. This system allows you to complete a weekly challenge to earn a special car. Each week this car rotates so you have a chance of winning new cars. To keep track of the GTA Online Prize Ride vehicle see our guide below.

Where is the Prize Ride Vehicle?

Location of the Prize Vehicle on the map in GTA Online.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

Note: Need to have the membership to the LS Car Meet to access the Prize Ride.

Each week you can visit the Los Santos Car Meet to find out what vehicle is up as the Prize Ride. Each week’s vehicle is located on the Slamtruck at the gift box on your map. At this location you will find the Prize Ride waiting for you. To win this car you need to complete the active LS Car Meet challenge. The Prize Vehicle challenge is located under Interaction Menu > LS Car Meet > Prize Ride Challenge. This challenge and the Prize Vehicle change weekly.

What is the Prize Ride Vehicle Today July 20-27

Prize Vehicle GTA Online July 20-27.
Screenshot by Hold To Reset.

The Prize Ride Vehicle is the new Annis Remus 2-door civilian. This car is new to the game and can be yours by placing top three in a Street Race for three days in a row. When you complete this racing challenge this car is added to your inventory. The car is based on the  Nissan S13 Silvia with other Nissan design elements pulled as well.

This page will update each week as the Prize Ride Vehicle changes in-game. Be sure to check back often to see what new car you can win and what the challenge is to win it.

Let me know which of the GTA Online Prize Ride vehicle you’ve won in the comments below.

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