GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Auto Shops List

In the new GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update players can buy a new property type called the Auto Shop. These properties allow you to take on new job types that center around driving. Like other properties in the game you can purchase these properties from the Maze Bank website. The full GTA Online Los Santos Tuners Auto Shops list can be found below.

Los Santos Tuners Auto Shops List

There are a total of 5 Auto Shops players can purchase in the game. These shops are all located inside the city in different sections. The price for the shops changes depending on its location. The table below shows where to find each show and what they are selling for.

La Mesa1,920,000
Mission Row1,670,000

As with prior properties in the game, you can enhance the properties mentioned above. Purchase any of these properties to access a range of upgrades that significantly improve them. Investing your hard-earned money in Auto Shop upgrades offers a multitude of options to enhance their functionality and efficiency.

Purchasing a property listed above will allow you to take part in special jobs for KDJ and Sessanta. These special jobs involve completing car themed contracts for KDJ. These jobs payout cash upon completion.

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