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In The Diamond Casino & Resort update for GTA Online players will notice a number of new ways to earn money and even cars. Inside the casino there is a daily prize wheel players can spin for a chance at the Podium Car. This guide highlights the various Podium Cars that have appeared in GTA Online. Check them out below.

Spin the Lucky Wheel

Image showing the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino.

To win the Podium Car in the Diamond Casino players may spin the daily Lucky Wheel on the floor of the casino once per day. For Penthouse owners this is free. For plebians the cost is $500 a spin. Here are your chances of winning the different prizes:

  • Podium Vehicle: 1 in 20.
  • Vehicle Discount: 1 in 20.
  • Mystery: 1 in 20.
  • Clothing: 4 in 20.
  • Chips: 4 in 20.
  • Cash: 4 in 20.
  • RP: 5 in 20.

If you win the Podium Vehicle it will disappear from the Casino floor. Winning the Podium Vehicle for a second time in a week will earn you 20k RP.

Week 26 Podium Car: Karin Everon

Image showing the Karin Everon in GTA Online.

The Podium Car for the week of January 16 – January 23 is the Karin Everon. This Podium Car is actually a Podium Truck that typically sells for $1.475 Million.

Week 25 Podium Car: Obey 8F Drafter

Image showing the Obey 8F Drafter in GTA Online.

This week’s Podium Car is the Obey 8F Drafter. The car is currently on sale, so it’s not really a big win if you get it unfortunately.

Week 24 Podium Car: Comet Safari

Image showing the Comet Safari in GTAO.

The car you can win this week is the Comet Safari. Since it is the holiday season the Comet Safari comes with a special It’s a Wrap Livery as shown in the picture above. Picture via Rockstar.

Week 23 Podium Car: Vapid Clique

Image showing the Vapid Clique Podium Car.

The car you can win this week is the Vapid Clique. Since it is the holiday season the Vapid Clique comes with a special Merry Cliquemas Livery as shown in the picture above. Picture via Rockstar.

What do you think of the Podium Cars so far in GTA Online? What cars would you like to see? Drop me a comment in The Pit below.

Thoughts on this week’s Podium Car in GTA Online? Drop a comment in The Pit Below.


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