What’s in the New GTA Online Casino Update

It has been a long few years for fans of GTA Online who’ve been waiting for the casino to open in Los Santos. Finally that wait is over with the official opening of The Diamond Casino & Resort. This new building features a number of activities for players to enjoy ranging from gambling to drinking. For a full rundown, check out what’s in the new GTA Online casino update below.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Map Location

Image showing the map location of The Diamond Casino.

You will find The Diamond Casino & Resort in the northeastern corner of Los Santos. This Casino building has been in the game for quite a while and has now just recently gotten a facelift. Head to the location marked on the map above to reach The Diamond Casino.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Memberships

The Diamond Casino & Resort club is open to all players of GTA Online, but there is a membership tier. The membership you have determines the activities you can take part in at the casino and the resort. The memberships available can be broken down into two tiers: Standard and VIP.

Standard Membership

Image showing the Standard Membership in The Diamond Casino & Resort.

The Standard membership is available to all players of GTA Online for $500. With this membership you are able to take part in number of standard casino activities like Table Games, Slot Machines, and Horse Racing. You can purchase the Standard Membership from the reception area in the casino, or via the casino’s website.

VIP Membership

VIP Membership is unlocked by acquiring a Master Penthouse property in The Diamond Casino & Resort. Once you’ve acquired the property you will become a VIP which gives you access to a number of bonus amenities in the casino:

  • Use Valet service.
  • Champagne service.
  • Aircraft concierge.
  • Limousine service.
  • Member Parties.
  • Access VIP Lounge.
  • Play at High Limit tables.
  • Access Casino Jobs.
  • Various Penthouse add ons.

The perks listed above apply to the VIP membership, but there are other bonuses which are VIP tier specific. This tier information comes directly from Rockstar’s The Diamond Program post. Keep in mind that tier unlocks are timed and will seemingly be unattainable after August 7th.

VIP Membership: Silver Status

Acquiring a Master Penthouse grants Silver Status. In addition to the VIP Membership that comes standard with the Penthouse, Silver Status members will receive the exclusive “She’s Loaded” Wall Art, a modern piece to hang on the wall of your choice using the Penthouse’s Decorations Management feature. Silver Status members will also get casino themed the Diamond Classic Tee.

VIP Membership: Gold Status

Silver Status members who help Tao Cheng protect The Diamond from a corrupt family of Texan magnates can complete the second co-operative mission, “House Keeping”, to be upgraded to Gold Status.

Reaching Gold VIP status unlocks the tier exclusive Truffade Thrax Livery and Truffade Tee items.

VIP Membership: Platinum Status

Platinum Status membership is a title that’s earned through dirty work. Complete 5 Casino Work Missions for head of operations Agatha Baker (and pick up a tidy sum of GTA$ and Chips along the way) to receive the Lucky 7s Tattoo and the Casino Store’s special accessory, the Kronos Ära Watch (including all variations), a truly luxe timepiece.

To complete the different Casino Work missions simply call Agatha Baker after completing the first co-operative mission.

VIP Membership: Diamond Status

Diamond Status is reserved for all Platinum members who go the long haul. Complete all co-operative missions to earn exclusive liveries. Platinum members who host the missions will receive an exclusive livery for a highly coveted brand-new vehicle. Platinum members who participate in a host’s missions will receive an exclusive livery for the new Annis S80RR supercar. Work together to host and participate in the complete mission strand to unlock both.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Penthouses

Image showing the Penthouse layout in GTA Online.

As mentioned above players can purchase a Penthouse inside the casino to unlock a number of interesting membership perks. The Penthouse can be purchased through The Diamond Casino & Resort website for $1.5 Million base. You can purchase premade penthouses called the Party Penthouse ($3.78million), the High Roller ($6.5million), the Cash Pad ($1.5million), or design your own (starting at $1.5million). Each penthouse comes with a number of additions:

  • Lounge ($400,000): must be purchased to acquire other apartment add-ons (omitting spare bedroom and garage).
  • Spa Room ($800,000): features a hot tub and personal stylist. The personal stylist can change thinks like hair, contacts, and make up free of charge.
  • Bar & Party area ($700,000): consume drinks in you penthouse and host parties. Includes arcade games.
    • Arcade Games: playable arcade games unique to this property.
  • Office ($200,000): access a computer, gun vault, and money safe (money safe is purely aesthetic).
  • Media Room ($500,000): Watch movies from the Lost Santos cinema in your media room.
  • Private Dealer ($1.1million): gamble in your penthouse.
  • Artwork (N/A): can be purchased from the casino’s store and placed.
  • Garage ($800,000): 10 car garage.
  • Spare Bedroom ($200,000): gives your friends a place to crash. Includes their own personal wardrobe.
  • Colour options ($215,000 or $258,500): change the color of your penthouse.
  • Pattern options ($92,000 – $210,000): change the pattern of your penthouse.

Purchasing any Penthouse gets you the benefits of having a VIP membership (as I mentioned earlier), as well as give you a nice spawn point if you are a degenerate gambler.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Casino

Image showing the inside of The Diamond Casino.

Note: If you reside in a country with strict gambling laws, you may not have access to the games listed below.

When you’re not spending your time in your Penthouse, you will probably want to hit the Casino. This large social area features a number of activities for players to take part in. The activities you will find in the Casino are:

  • Table Games: roulette, blackjack, and three card poker.
  • Slot Machines.
  • Inside Track: bet on Horse Races.
  • Lucky Wheel: Spin a lucky wheel once daily (time is IRL) to earn a reward ranging from currency to expensive vehicle.
  • High Roller Tables: Accessible by being VIP. Allows you to place large bets ranging from 1K – 50K chips.

Chips earned in the casino can be converted into GTA$. The conversion rate is 1:1. Alongside converting your chips you can also purchase more chips from the Cashier. This purchasing process is limited to 50K chips per hour of game time.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Store

Image showing The Diamond Casino Store.

The winnings you earn at The Diamond Casino can be used at the casino’s shop. In this area of the casino you will find a number of rotating exclusive items which include art pieces and clothing. The art pieces you buy from the store can be placed inside your Penthouse.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Missions

Image showing the management door in The Diamond Casino.

Alongside the addition of the new casino there are number of new casino based missions for players to complete to earn RP and Cash. These missions can be accessed by VIPs through Ms. Baker. She will call you intermittently with casino mission to complete. These missions can be started at the Management door inside the casino (as well as joined via cellphone). Here’s what each mission entails (updating soon):

  • Loose Cheng: Find Mr. Cheng in a motel in the desert and return him to the casino.
  • House Keeping: Defeat the hillbillies in the casino then retrieve the stolen Thrax.
  • Strong Arm Tactics: Meet (and survive) the Texans to discuss being acquired.

To advance the storyline it appears as though you need to complete each mission Ms. Baker gives you as the Host. Completing a mission as the host will unlock the next mission. For completing all six of the Casino story missions as Host you will unlock the Paragon R (Armored) car.

Outside of the Casino story missions you can contact Ms. Baker as a CEO, Head of Biker gang, etc for missions out in the open world.

The Diamond Casino & Resort Vehicles

Featured image on New Cars in The GTA Online Casino Update

There are currently a total of 6 vehicles for players to buy in the new casino update. These vehicles are:

Southern San Andreas Super Autos

  • Weeny Issi Sport: $897,000
  • Vapid Caracara 4×4: $875,000

Legendary Motorsport

  • Obey 8F Drafter: $718,000
  • Enus Paragon R: $905,000
  • Truffade Thrax: $2.3million
  • Annis S80RR: $2.6million


  • Paragon R (Armored): Complete all six Casino story missions as Host.

You can view all the cars here. If six cars seems like a low amount, fear not as Rockstar plans to trickle out a number of new vehicles for this update over the coming months.

Misc: Hidden Playing Cards in Los Santos

Image showing the location of a Playing Card in GTA Online.

There are 54 hidden playing cards throughout Los Santos. Collecting these 54 cards earns you Cash, Chips, and a special reward for RDO. Check out our playing cards locations guide if you want to snag them all for yourself.

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