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On April 20th Rockstar Games added a new License Plate creator system to their popular GTA Online title. This website allows players to create their own in-game vanity license plates to display on vehicles. For more details on how to use this system see our full GTA Online License Plate creator guide below.

What is the License Plate Creator

The License Plate Creator is a special website players can access using PC or mobile devices. This webpage allows players to create a total 30 vanity license plates for use in-game. Vanity license plates are license plates that have special sayings on them. They exist in the real-world and have been available in GTA Online, but are now makeable outside the game.

How to Use the License Plate Creator

Using the License Plate Creator is a fairly simple process. Rockstar Games have laid out a step-by-step process players can follow to create custom license plates for use in GTA Online. The steps are:

  1. Navigate to the License Plate Creator  
  2. Be sure to sign in to the Social Club account associated with your Grand Theft Auto Online character and vehicles
  3. Click Create New Plate
  4. Input the custom plate text you would like and an initial plate background to apply it to. You can change this later in the game  
  5. Select Next and if the plate text can be used, you’ll see a list of eligible vehicles to first apply it to
  6. Select a vehicle from the dropdown list
  7. Select Place Order and you’ll see a success screen indicating you can pick up your order in-game with the vehicle you selected
  8. Open Grand Theft Auto Online and ensure you are logged-in to the Social Club account associated with the plate order
  9. Within a few minutes of placing the order, you should receive a text message in-game informing you that the order is ready to be picked up at Los Santos Customs
  10. Drive the vehicle you selected with the order into an auto shop like Los Santos Customs
  11. Select Process Order in the Shop’s menu and you should see the plate and background automatically applied to your vehicle

There is a possibility that you will face a range of issues using the Rockstar License Plate Creator. Check out the FAQ by Rockstar for help with common issues.

What Cars Can Have License Plates

Most cars in GTA Online can have special plates applied to them. Some easy sources of getting more vehicles are through the game’s Podium Cars and Prize Ride vehicles. Both of these rotate new weekly cars players can get for free.

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