GTA Online Weekly Reset Bonuses and Sales

Like any good online game, GTA Online resets weekly to add new content, change existing payouts, and put items on sale. This weekly reset typically occurs on Thursday mornings. To help you keep track of what occurred during the weekly reset, check out our GTA Online weekly reset list below.

Weekly Bonuses and Discounts in GTA Online 02/02/2023

GTA Online splash art.
Each week GTA Online resets to include new cars, items, and discounts.

There are a number of updates that occur weekly in GTA Online. These updates include things like changing the Podium Car, adding new cars, changing the Double GTA$ and RP activities, and more. The list below highlights the changes and additions made during the weekly reset.

New Vehicle/Content

  • Crowbar for sale at Gun Van.

1-2x+ GTA$ & RP Activities

  • Acid Lab Sell Missions – 1.5x Rewards.
  • Hasta La Vista – 2x Rewards.
  • Acid Lab Resupplies – 2x Supplies.

3x+ GTA$ & RP Activities

  • N/A.

Podium Car

  • Stinger GT.

Prize Vehicle

  • Declasse Lifeguard – Place top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series for three days in a row.

Test Ride Cars

  • Ubermacht Sentinel Classic.
  • Pegassi Monroe.
  • Lampadati Ropos Rallye.

Gun Van

Spawns in a new location each day. Each week the weapons and throwables reset. Features deals for players to find it. Check the link above for the daily location and what’s for sale.

Weapons (10% off / 20% off for GTA+ Members)

  • Knife.
  • Baseball Bat.
  • Crowbar.
  • Vintage Pistol.
  • MG.
  • Precision Rifle (50% off).
  • Railgun.
  • Grenade Launcher (40% off for GTA+ Members).
  • Up-n-Atomizer.

Throwables (15% off / 30% off for GTA+ Members) & Body Armor (20% off / 40% off for GTA+ Members)

  • Molotovs.
  • Proximity Mine.
  • Grenades.
  • Body Armor.

GTA+ Bonuses

  • Hao’s Special Works Time Trial.
  • Hao’s Premium Test Ride: Ubermacht Sentinel XS.
  • Free Taxi from Warstock Cache & Carry.
  • Free Downton Cab Co’s services.
  • 2x GTA$ on Taxi Work.
  • Exclusive Gun Van weapon skins: the Trippy Knife skin and Trippy Baseball Bat skin
  • Lunar New Year Gifts: Yeti Year of the Rabbit Tee and Noh Painted Rabbit mask
  • Complimentary drinks at all bars and nightclubs citywide

GTA$ Gift

  • N/A.

Clothing & Other Login Bonuses

  • N/A.

Taxi Work Bonuses

Few understand the veins and arteries of a city quite like its taxi drivers, and Los Santos is no different. Determined cabbies get 2X GTA$ on Taxi Job Tips this week, and through February 8 can earn rare items for safely ferrying their clientele (clothing rewards will be delivered to your wardrobe by February 17, GTA$ rewards will be delivered within 72 hours of completion):

  • Owners of the Taxi (and those who purchase it through February 8 from Warstock Cache & Carry) will receive the Downtown Cab Co. Revere Collar shirt.
  • Complete 1 fare during Taxi Work to receive GTA$100,000.
  • Earn GTA$20,000 from Taxi Work to receive an additional GTA$100,000.
  • Earn GTA$40,000 from Taxi Work to score the Mustard Vinyl and Mustard Vinyl Cut jackets, and GTA$100,000.

Plus, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players who earn GTA$20,000 from Taxi Work will receive the Manor Geo Track Pants. In addition, those players will also receive the Manor Geo Cap and Hoodie for earning GTA$40,000 from Taxi Work.

First Dose Missions Hard Mode Challenges

The First Dose Hard Mode Event enters its penultimate week — join up with Dax and the Fooliganz as they claw their way back into the thick of Southern San Andreas’ psychedelic market and earn some rare items. And now players who have completed all six missions on Hard difficulty at any point during the First Dose Hard Mode Event will receive a special Pump Shotgun tint in addition to the following rewards:

  • Green Fooliganz MTL Brickade 6X6 livery: Complete any First Dose Mission on Hard difficulty
  • Safari Ranger Entity MT livery: Complete 3 different First Dose Missions on Hard difficulty
  • Speed Demon Cypher livery: Complete any First Dose Mission on Hard difficulty in less than 10 minutes
  • Kisama Drifter 300R livery: Complete any First Dose mission on Hard difficulty without dying.

This challenge lasts until the 8th of February and all rewards will be delivered by February 17th.

Vehicle Discounts

  • Youga Classic – 50% off.
  • Brickade 6×6 – 30% off.
  • Tropos Rallye – 30% off.
  • Tulip – 30% off.

Real Estate Discounts

  • N/A,

Weapon/Apparel Discounts

  • See Gun Van discounts.

Twitch Prime Bonuses

  • $125K per week.
  • Twilight Painted Rabbit Mask.

That’s all the major additions and changes this weekly reset brought to GTA Online. If you are interested in reading the official Rockstar post on the reset check it on their Newswire. Keep it locked to this page weekly as we will be refreshing on each reset day.

Thoughts on our GTA Online weekly reset list? Drop them in The Pit below.


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