GTA Online Cleo Song Most Wanted Target Guide

Cleo Song Most Wanted Target in GTA Online.

In GTA Online Cleo Song is a Most Wanted Target players can find and capture. This character is one of multiple daily targets players can complete if they own the Bail Enforcement business. To help you complete this Most Wanted Target hunt see our full GTA Online Cleo Song Most Wanted Target guide below.

How to Start a Most Wanted Target

Bail office computer.
You can access the Most Wanted Target from the computer in your Bail office.

To start a Most Wanted Target, you must either own a Bail Enforcement business or join someone who does. If you own the business, register as a boss and access the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement System from the computer in your Bail office.

Once in the system, you’ll find three regular targets and a daily Most Wanted Target. Select the Most Wanted Target to initiate the job for that bounty. You’ll then be taken to a pre-job launch screen where you can purchase ammo and armor, select the radio station, and invite other players to join you.

Most Wanted Target: Cleo Song Job

Cleo Song is one of possible the Most Wanted Targets you can receive each real-world day. Capturing Cleo involves completing several objectives during the job, which take you to various locations.

To see the full job in action, watch the video from the Hold To Reset YouTube channel above. For a more detailed walkthrough of each objective, read the sections below.

Go to Richards Majestic Studios

Upon launching the Cleo Song job, your first objective is to go to Richards Majestic Studios. Follow the quest marker to this location to begin the job.

Find a Way into Richards Majestic Studios

Caterer outfit behind the broken down food truck.
Put on the Caterer outfit to easily enter the movie studio lot.

Once you reach the outskirts of the movie studio, your objective is to find a way inside. You have two options:

  1. Go in guns blazing. This will trigger all the guards, making the mission much harder but may be suitable if you prefer action and don’t mind the challenge.
  2. Use a stealthy approach by grabbing an outfit:
    • Look for broken-down food trucks at the different gates of the exterior of the studio.
    • Interact with the duffle bag at the back of these trucks to find a caterer’s outfit*.
    • Wear the outfit to enter the studio without alerting the guards.

For this guide, we will use the stealthy approach since it is the standard method for this mission. Put on the outfit and proceed inside the studio to advance to the next part of the job.

*One important note: The caterer outfit grants access to the movie studio, but not full access. Watch your mini-map for guards (shown as red dots) who will become aggressive if they see you. If you alert these guards, the entire area will become hostile.

Search Richards Majestic Studios for Cleo Songs Location

Once on the studio lot you need to track down a call sheet for the movie “Masquerade Murder Party.” The call sheet spawns randomly in a trailer around the lot. These trailers are marked on your mini-map with a clapperboard icon.

As you search for the Call Sheet, be aware that other movie Call Sheets can be found, which may complicate your search. However, the required Call Sheet, in my experience, is often located in trailers along the west side of the studio.

Other Outfits You Can Find

While exploring the studio to find the Call Sheet, you can find two other outfits: the technician and the masquerade outfits. The technician outfit grants access to areas similar to the caterer outfit. In contrast, the masquerade outfit is highly effective, providing access to 90% of the studio without alerting guards.

Once you locate the Masquerade Murder Party Call Sheet, simply use Snapmatic on your phone to take a picture of it. After snapping the photo, send it to Jenette to get your next objective.

Search the Area for the Executive’s Office

The Sam Austin Memorial Building in GTA Online.
The Executive’s Office is inside the Sam Austin Memorial Building.

The next objective is to locate the Executive’s Office, situated next to the northeast gate within the Sam Austin Memorial Building. Head towards the building and hack the keypad to open it. Proceed inside to enter the office.

Steal the Key Card and Exit the Executive’s Office

Inside the office look on the desk for a gold key card you can pick up. Pick up this key card and then leave the office through the door you entered it from.

Go to Stage 16

When you leave the office you will get a new objective to go to Stage 16. This is one of the buildings in the more center section of the studios. Make your way to the yellow map marker that appears and use the key card we stole on the keypad to enter the building.

Locate Cleo Song by Intimidating the Actors

In Stage 16 you need to locate Cleo Song. There are guards around but also actors dressed like her but they are wearing masks. To find out who is who you need to sick them up, but before we get into that let’s grab the additional take item: Movie Memorabilia while we are here.

Additional Take: Movie Memorabilia

Movie Memorabilia in trailer.
The Movie Memorabilia is inside this trailer in Studio 16.

To find the items you can steal, head to the other side of the warehouse where there is a trailer. Enter the trailer and locate a masquerade mask on the counter. Interact with it to steal it. Getting this item adds an additional $5,000 to your take at the end of the mission.

Once you’ve snagged this item head back to the area with the three masked actors. To determine which is Cleo Song simply walk up to them and point your gun at them. Doing this causes them to take off their mask.

Bringing in Cleo Song: Dead or Alive

Once you’ve determined which actor is Cleo Song. You need to decide what to do here. There are two choices you can make that determine the outcome of the job:

  • Kill Her: Simply shoot her until she dies and then pick up her corpse
  • Subdue Her: Shoot the gun out of her hand then approach and secure her

To get the most out of this job you want to capture Cleo alive. Otherwise it doesn’t really pay all that well and is a bit of time sink for a reward of little money.

Take Cleo Song to the Coroner or Bail Office

Your decision during the showdown segment determines where to take Cleo Song in the final section of the job. If you killed her, deliver her corpse to the Los Santos County Coroner’s Office, earning you only 25% of the job’s reward. If you captured her alive, drive her to the Bail Office for processing to receive the full reward.

While driving either the corpse or the alive target to its destination, beware of enemies on the roads. They will constantly spawn and chase you during the delivery.

Delivering the body to the Coroner’s Office pays out your reward immediately. However, if you deliver the target alive to your Bail Office, there is a processing window before you receive your reward. Having Bail Enforcement Agents in your business shortens this processing time.

Upon completing a Most Wanted Target, you cannot attempt the bounty again until the next day when a new target appears at 6AM EDT.

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