Gym League Codes (July 2024)

Gym League art.

Welcome to Gym League, a Roblox experience where players embark on a journey of weightlifting to achieve swole status. Just like in real-life weightlifting, you begin weak, lifting only a small amount of weight. Through training, your character gains strength, progressively lifting heavier weights. To enhance your progress, utilize the Gym League codes provided below. These codes unlock buffs and bonuses that boost your performance, ensuring you dominate your fitness journey.

Codes on this page last updated on July 8, 2024

Active Gym League Codes

Gym League Codes are special codes players can input in the experience to earn various free buffs and other rewards. These codes are released directly by the experience’s developers 1v2 Studios on their different social platforms.

The list below features all of the active Gym League codes you can currently use:

  • UPDATE2: 1 Angel Potion
  • 1MMembers: 3 Premium Aura Rerolls
  • 2.5MFavs: 3 Creatine Powder, 3 Premium Body Oil
  • 150MVisits: 3 Pose Rerolls, 3 Aura Rerolls, Power-ups
  • 650KLikes: 5 Pose Rerolls, 5 Aura Rerolls
  • FOLLOWGYMLEAGUERBLX: 3 Small Speed Potions

Inputting any of these codes in the experience will earn you their respective rewards. These rewards can be useful to give yourself a free boost in-game on your quest to become the strongest.

How to Input Gym League Codes

If you don’t know how to input codes in Gym League this section will detail the steps to follow to input them in-game. It is a fairly simply process, but you do need to know where to look:

  1. Launch Gym League
  2. Create character and watch cutscene (if needed)
  3. Select Code on left side of screen
  4. Input Code in Code box
  5. Push Submit
  6. Receive reward

After you receive a reward it is added to your inventory (bottom of you screen). You can then decide when you want to use it or not by simply interacting with it to use it.

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