Please Donate Codes (March 2023)

The popular Roblox title Please Donate is a game players can take part in that features an interesting donation mechanic. This title, like other titles in Roblox, contains a bunch of special game codes players can input to unlock special rewards. The post below contains the currently active Roblox Please Donate codes and how to input them in-game.

Active Please Donate Codes (March 27)

Roblox Please Donate stalls.
Stalls setup in-game.

In Roblox Please Donate players can input special codes revealed periodically by the game’s developers. These special codes rewards players with in-game currency that they can use to donate to other players, unlock special stalls, or purchase stall upgrades. The currently active codes players can input in the game are as follows:

lazarbeamLazar Beam Booth 
olixolix1010 giftbux 
plsdonatenews1010 giftbux 
ggliquate1010 giftbux 
steak1515 giftbux

More codes are periodically, so be sure to check back often. The table above will update whenever any new codes are available to be used in the game.

How to Input Codes

Roblox Redeem Code screen.
Use the Redeem Code option.

Inputting the code in the Please Donate game is fairly simple to do. Login into the game and then navigate to the Gift Icon in the left side of the screen. Interact with the icon to bring up a text box. Input your code into the text box then push redeem to activate the code. You will receive your rewards if the code is currently active.

If you are looking to spend the Giftbuxs you receive the best place to do it is through the different store buttons on the left side of the screen. These buttons bring up the respective shops that feature a number of purchasable items for sale for Giftbuxs.


Have any Roblox Please Donate Codes to share? Drop them in the comments below.


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