Roblox The Classic Event Vault Code Guide

The 1x1x1 boss in The Classic Event in Roblox.

The Classic Event in Roblox is a blast from the past. While this event is active players can participle in a variety of activities on a map based on Roblox of yesteryears. On this map there is a special locked area called the Vault. To open the Vault requires finding a code. Our Roblox The Classic Event Vault code guide below shows you how to find it!

Important: The Vault code is 4 numbers. These numbers are hidden at specific locations in the world. This code changes regularly while you are playing and is different on different servers!

Green Number Location – Inside Volcano

Location of the green number in The Classic Event's Volcano.
The green number is in the room inside the Volcano.

To find the green colored number, go to the Volcano. Climb to the top and jump inside. You’ll drop into a small room. Look for the green colored number on the wall next to the ladder.

Blue Number Location – Moon Base

Location of the blue number on The Classic Event's Moon.
The blue number is on the second floor of the Moon base.

To find the blue colored number, go to the Moon. Head to the backside of the Moon where you’ll find a helipad and a moon base. On the second floor of the moon base, you’ll find the blue number on the wall.

Red Number Location – Behind The Hunt Portal

Location of the red number behind The Classic Event's The Hunt portal.
The red number is on the pillar behind The Hunt portal.

Near the spawn area there is a lone portal players can use to go to The Hunt. Don’t go through it. Instead go behind this portal and look at the grey pillar there to find the red number.

Yellow Number Location – On the Duck Statue

Location of the yellow number on The Classic Event's duck statue.
The yellow number is on the duck statue in the spawn area.

The yellow number can be found on the duck statue in the spawn area. Look for it on the backside of the statue near the base.

Where to Input the Vault Code Numbers

Once you have all four numbers, you’re ready to input the code to open the vault. To find the vault go to the area below the duck statue.

There, you’ll find the vault entrance and a keypad. Above the keypad, you’ll see four colored blocks: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The order of the colored blocks tells you the order to input the numbers.

While your code will be different, this guide’s code, as shown in the screenshots above, would be inputted as 1052.

Summon and Fight 1x1x1

Before proceeding, make sure you have the Rocket Launcher. You can purchase this weapon for 6 Tickets from the event shop. Once you have it, proceed into the vault.

In the vault you will see a sword in a stone. Approach it and pull it out. When you do this you cause the boss 1x1x1 to appear in the vault arena. 1x1x1 will chase you around the arena and try and hit you. Kite away and shoot the boss with the Rocket Launcher until you’ve defeated it.

Upon defeating 1x1x1 you will trigger the experience’s ending. This ending is some credits following which a large R appears in the spawn area, commemorating your achievement.

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