GTA Online Most Wanted Target

Most Wanted Targets in GTA Online.

The GTA Online Most Wanted Target is a special daily bounty players can complete through the Bail Office business. This target is doable once per day and pays out a higher reward than other targets you can collect. To learn more about these Most Wanted Target see our detailed guide below.

What is the Most Wanted Target GTA Online

The Most Wanted Target in GTA Online offers a lucrative daily bounty that resets at 6am EDT with a new target. To pursue this opportunity, players can either own a Bail Enforcement business or join a hosted Most Wanted Target job.

The active target is same for all players, similar to how the other daily activities in the game work such as Shipwreck, Cayo Perico Treasures, and the Gun Van spawn.

How to Start the Most Wanted Target Job

To do Most Wanted Target Jobs you can select them form the Bail Enforcement System in the Bail office. They appear on the right-side of the menu and have a higher reward payout and red accent color (instead of the standard blue).

These targets launch as jobs and are more involved than standard bail collections. They usually require visiting specific locations, completing a series of objectives, and killing or capturing the target.

Most Wanted Targets & Rewards List

Most Wanted Targets offer substantial rewards for their capture. The table below lists current targets and any additional take payouts available. Click on the names of each target for detailed job guides.

TargetAdditional Take
Grace WhitneyPaintings
Cleo SongMovie Memorabilia
Brock ThompsonN/A
Chaz LiebermanN/A
Leroy O’NeilN/A
Omar GarciaN/A

In addition to earning cash rewards for bringing a bounty in alive (typically $120k-$130k), players can earn additional rewards by retrieving specific items during some of the bounty hunts. The table’s bonus rewards section details these items. Completing hunts also grants RP and unlocks special achievements.

Most Wanted Target Calendar

Rockstar Games has provided a preview of upcoming targets on a tentative schedule. Whether this practice continues is uncertain. Currently, players can anticipate the following targets on these days:

  • 18th – Omar Garcia
  • 19th – Cleo Song
  • 20th – Leroy O’Neil
  • 21st – Chaz Lieberman
  • 22nd – Omar Garcia
  • 23rd – Brock Thompson
  • 24th – Leroy O’Neil

This is just one of the new additions added to the game in the Bottom Dollar Bounties update. Be sure to check out our guide to both the Dispatch Work and Madrazo daily bounties for help with those other additions.

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