GTA Online Leroy O’Neil Most Wanted Target Guide

Leroy O'Neil Most Wanted Target.

In GTA Online Leroy O’Neil is a Most Wanted Target players can find and capture. This character is one of multiple daily targets players can complete if they own the Bail Enforcement business. To help you complete this Most Wanted Target hunt see our full GTA Online Leroy O’Neil Most Wanted Target guide below.

How to Start a Most Wanted Target

Bail office computer.
You can access the Most Wanted Target from the computer in your Bail office.

To start a Most Wanted Target, you must either own a Bail Enforcement business or join someone who does. If you own the business, register as a boss and access the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement System from the computer in your Bail office.

Once in the system, you’ll find three regular targets and a daily Most Wanted Target. Select the Most Wanted Target to initiate the job for that bounty. You’ll then be taken to a pre-job launch screen where you can purchase ammo and armor, select the radio station, and invite other players to join you.

Most Wanted Target: Leroy O’Neil Job

Leroy O’Neil is one of possible the Most Wanted Targets you can receive each real-world day. Capturing Leroy involves completing several objectives during the job, which take you to various locations.

To see the full job in action, watch the video from the Hold To Reset YouTube channel above. For a more detailed walkthrough of each objective, read the sections below.

Go to the Abandoned Motel

When you begin this job the first objective is to reach the Abandoned Motel in Sandy Shores. Depending on the location of your Bail office this can be a bit of a drive. Simply follow the map directions to reach it.

Search the Motel for Leroy O’Neil

Open motel room in the derelict motel in GTA Online.
Enter the only open room to trigger a cutscene.

At the motel, you will receive a new objective: search for Leroy O’Neil. To complete this, find the open room in the motel and go inside it. Entering the room triggers a cutscene where your character gets struck on the head and knocked out.

Find a Way Out of the Basement

After the cutscene, you wake up in the basement of a strange building, stripped of your clothing and without any weapons. To advance, you need to find a way to leave the basement.

Attempting to go up the stairs reveals an electrified gate that shocks you if interacted with. To exit the area, you need to turn off this gate.

Look on the shelf in the basement for a Pool Cue weapon. Pick up this weapon and go halfway up the stairs, then turn to the right. You’ll see a fusebox ont the wall there. Destroy it using the Pool Cue to disable the gate. Once the gate is off, head up and out of the basement to the main floor.

Collect Your Phone

Once you are out of the basement walk forward and look for a pile of boxes. On top of these boxes you will find the first of your lost items: your Phone. Pick it up to make it usable again.

Find a Way Out of the Farmhouse

A gun and key together in the farmhouse during the Leryo O'Neil job.
Use a key or gun to leave the Farmhouse.

Once you’ve collected your phone, you need to find a way out of the farmhouse. You have a couple of options, depending on your approach:

  • Find a Key: Keys are hidden in various rooms. Grab a key and use it on a locked exterior door to exit.
  • Find a Gun: Guns are also hidden in various rooms. Pick up a gun and shoot the lock of a locked exterior door to open it.

Choosing the key allows you to remain stealthy. Using a gun might alert the enemies outside the farmhouse to your presence, making the outside section more challenging.

Regardless of your approach here I recommend snagging at least a few different weapons before you head outside. This makes the coming section much easier.

Retrieving Your Clothing

Before leaving the farmhouse, you might want to retrieve your clothing. Inside the house, there’s a duffle bag with your original outfit from when you were knocked out at the motel. Locate the duffle bag and interact with it to put on your clothing, if you’d prefer not to continue in just your underwear.

Search the Area for Leroy O’Neil

Once outside the farmhouse, your next objective is to locate Leroy O’Neil. Search the yellow-marked area on your map to find him. In my playthrough, he was north of the big red barn, near the riding pen and some hay bales.

I also located my gear on the southside of the red barn in some crates marked with an ammo sign on the mini-map. Picking it up returned all of my weapons to me and made fighting the enemies in this location much easier.

Bringing in Leroy O’Neil: Dead or Alive

Leroy O'Neil standoff.
You can kill or subdue Leroy during the standoff.

Once you’ve tracked down Leroy O’Neil you will enter a showdown with him. You need to decide what to do here. There are two choices you can make that determine the outcome of the job:

  • Kill Him: Simply shoot him until he dies and then pick up his corpse
  • Subdue Him: Shoot the gun out of his hand then approach him and secure him

To get the most out of this job you want to capture Leroy alive. Otherwise it doesn’t really pay all that well and is a bit of time sink for a reward of little money.

Take Leroy O’Neil to the Coroner or Bail Office

Your decision during the showdown segment determines where to take Leroy O’Neil in the final section of the job. If you killed him, deliver his corpse to the Los Santos County Coroner’s Office, earning you only 25% of the job’s reward. If you captured him alive, drive him to the Bail Office for processing to receive the full reward.

While driving either the corpse or the alive target to its destination, beware of enemies on the roads. They will constantly spawn and chase you during the delivery.

Delivering the body to the Coroner’s Office pays out your reward immediately. However, if you deliver the target alive to your Bail Office, there is a processing window before you receive your reward. Having Bail Enforcement Agents in your business shortens this processing time.

Upon completing a Most Wanted Target, you cannot attempt the bounty again until the next day when a new target appears at 6AM EDT.

Thoughts on our GTA Online Leory O’Neil Most Wanted Target guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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