GTA Online Bail Enforcement Business Details

A Bail Enforcement building in GTA Online.

In GTA Online’s Bottom Dollar Bounties update, Rockstar introduced Bail Offices as a new business where players can immerse themselves in the role of Bail Enforcement Agents (or in other words a bounty hunter). For a comprehensive understanding of this system and its mechanics, explore our detailed GTA Online Bail Enforcement details guide below.

How to Start a Bail Enforcement Business in GTA Online

To start your Bail Enforcement business, you’ll need to acquire a Bail Office property. You can purchase one of five Bail Offices directly from the Maze Bank website. Here are the details for each property:

LocationBase Cost
Paleto Bay$1,650,000
Downtown Vinewood$2,620,000
Del Perro$2,350,000
Mission Row$2,390,000

Once you’ve selected a Bail Office property, you can purchase upgrades to enhance its appearance and increase your earnings. These upgrades include Style, additional Agents, a Personal Quarters, a Gun Locker, and an Armor Plated Bail Office Transporter.

While purchasing upgrades is optional, I recommend getting at least the additional Agents and the Armor Plated Bail Office Transporter to simplify and streamline your Bail Enforcement operations. These upgrades can make your job significantly easier and more efficient.

Upon purchasing and upgrading your Bail Office, head over to it and enter. Upon your first visit, you will encounter a cutscene featuring you Maude, and Jenette providing a brief overview of the business operations.

How to Bounty Hunt in GTA Online

A Most Wanted Target in GTA Online.
You can use the Bail Enforcement System to hunt bounties.

To do Bail Enforcement, begin by registering as a Boss using the computer on the desk to access the Bail Enforcement System. Inside this system, you’ll find four available bounty hunt targets: three standard targets and one Most Wanted Target.

The standard bounties refresh every hour and the Most Wanted Target refreshes once each day. Here are the details of both types:

  • Standard Target: Low rewards (30-50k) but easy to complete. Go to location and look for target and then apprehend them.
  • Most Wanted Target: High rewards but more risk (120-150k). These are Jobs. Take place at multiple locations and have multiple objectives the player must complete.
  • Madrazo Daily Hits: Special daily bounties you can complete that appear at one of 15 spawn locations. Reward you with GTA$ and RP upon completion.

Once you reach a target, you have the option to capture them alive or dead. Bringing them in alive ensures you receive the full reward, while delivering them dead results in only 25% of the reward.

To capture a target alive, disarm them by shooting their weapon out of their hands, then secure them and transport them back to the Bail Office. Alternatively, to bring them in dead, eliminate them and deliver their corpse to the Los Santos County Coroner Office. Choose your approach wisely to maximize your earnings in the Bail Enforcement business.

How to Use Bail Enforcement Agents to Earn Passive GTA$

Bail Enforcement Agents working at their computers in GTA Online.
Agents will do Bail Enforcement work for you if you assign them.

One of the upgrades available for your Bail Office allows you to hire Agents who handle Bail Enforcement, generating passive income for your business. To activate them, locate the Agents within your Bail Office and interact with them to assign tasks.

Agents typically take about an hour to complete assignments. Once they finish, you will receive a notification. They deposit their earnings into the safe in the Bail Office’s office, which you can access to collect at your convenience.

After completing their tasks, Agents remain in the Bail Office. You must return and send them out again for them to continue earning. Otherwise, they will idle without generating income.

In addition to Agents, the Bottom Dollar Bounties update introduced Dispatch Work for players interested in police activities with Vincent. For more details on Dispatch Work, check out our guide.

What are your thoughts on our GTA Online Bail Enforcement guide? Feel free to share in the comments below!



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