Red Dead Online Madam Nazar Weekly Collection

The Red Dead Online weekly collectible shopping list in Red Dead Online.

Each week in Red Dead Online Madam Nazar provides the player with a weekly collectible shopping list. This list contains a set of collectibles that players can locate to earn more money than normal from Madam Nazar. The post below will walk you through everything you need to know about the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar weekly collection list.

What is the Weekly Collectible Shopping List in Red Dead Online

The Collector's Bag in Red Dead Online.
You can view the Weekly Collectible Shopping List in the Collector’s Bag.

The Red Dead Online weekly collectible shopping list is a set of three specific items that players can acquire and then sell to Madam Nazar in exchange for double the selling price and bonus experience points.

The weekly reset for Red Dead Online occurs at 6 AM UTC every Tuesday. Players receive a letter from Madam Nazar during the weekly reset, and they can retrieve it from either the Post Office or their camp. You have a week to collect the listed items before the next weekly reset.

After you collect the letter from Madam Nazar, the collection details will appear in your Collector’s Bag. You can access it by opening the item wheel if you have unlocked the Collector’s Role. From here you can Pin it to your Log for easier viewing.

What is Today’s RDO Weekly Collectible Shopping List

The weekly collectible items list in Red Dead Online today is the Herbalists collection. This collection has the following description in-game:

This week, Madam Nazar is looking for three particular American Wild Flowers. Find all the items listed and sell the complete collection to Madam Nazar for a reward. You can sell the collection in person or you can mail it to her from any Post Office.

This collection consists of three items for players to locate around the world. The items to find are Blood Flower, Chocolate Daisy, and Creek Plum.

Weekly Collectible Shopping List Item Locations

Initially, collectible items were easily found at fixed locations on the shopping list. However, to enhance the challenge, Rockstar Games introduced a modification in the Naturalist update. This alteration introduced randomness to the placements of Fossils, Arrowheads, and Coins. Bracelets, Earrings, Necklaces, and Rings also had their locations partially randomized, rendering them no longer tied to static positions.

This change makes tracking down the locations of the needed collection items a bit more challenging. Nevertheless, a valuable resource for this purpose is the Jeanropke Map Collector’s Map, which provides all the locations of the static collection items.

How to Sell the Collectible Shopping List to Madam Nazar

The post master and Madam Nazar.
You can send the collection to Madam Nazar through the Post Office or sell directly to her.

Once you’ve gathered the needed weekly collection items you will want to sell them to Madam Nazar. You can do this a couple of different ways and both will work:

  1. Send it By Mail: Visit a Post Office and send mail to send it to Madam Nazar.
  2. Sell to Madam Nazar: Visit Madam Nazar and sell the items to her directly.

Once you’ve made the sale you will receive your money and XP. You then need to wait for the next Tuesday for the new collectible shopping list to arrive in the game.

Whether or not completing this each week is worth the hassle is largely up to you. The payouts for completing a set are not that high and the randomness of some of the collectibles can make finding them very time consuming.

Thoughts on our Red Dead Online Madam Nazar Weekly Collection guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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