GTA Online Chaz Lieberman Most Wanted Target Guide

Chaz Lieberman Most Wanted Target.

In GTA Online Chaz Lieberman is a Most Wanted Target players can find and capture. This character is one of multiple daily targets players can complete if they own the Bail Enforcement business. To help you complete this Most Wanted Target hunt see our full GTA Online Chaz Lieberman Most Wanted Target guide below.

How to Start a Most Wanted Target

Bail office computer.
You can access the Most Wanted Target from the computer in your Bail office.

To start a Most Wanted Target, you must either own a Bail Enforcement business or join someone who does. If you own the business, register as a boss and access the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement System from the computer in your Bail office.

Once in the system, you’ll find three regular targets and a daily Most Wanted Target. Select the Most Wanted Target to initiate the job for that bounty. You’ll then be taken to a pre-job launch screen where you can purchase ammo and armor, select the radio station, and invite other players to join you.

Most Wanted Target: Chaz Lieberman Job

Chaz Lieberman is one of the possible Most Wanted Targets you can receive each real-world day. Capturing Chaz involves completing several objectives during the job, which take you to various locations.

To see the full job in action, watch the video from the Hold To Reset YouTube channel above. For a more detailed walkthrough of each objective, read the sections below.

Go to La Mesa

When you begin the Chaz Lieberman Most Wanted Target, you’ll receive Hacking Devices and your first objective: drive to La Mesa. Go to the quest marker to reach the first objective’s location.

Search the Area for Cell Towers

In La Mesa, you need to search for three Cell Towers and block their signals. These towers are located on random roofs. When you find one, it appears on your mini-map as a green tower, and you can toggle focus on it.

Once you’ve located a tower, make your way up to it. Approach its control panel and hack it. Repeat this process for three different cell towers in the area.

Go to the Warehouse

After hacking all three cell towers, you will pinpoint Chaz Lieberman’s position in a warehouse in La Mesa that’s part of the Los Santos Customs. Head to the warehouse and enter the building to access the interior location.

Find and Secure Chaz Lieberman

Inside the warehouse, move quickly as loan sharks are also hunting Chaz. Your objective is to locate him before the loan sharks do and secure him. Keep an eye on Chaz’s health, displayed in the bottom right corner of your screen, as you search the warehouse. Kill any enemies you encounter along the way.

Bringing in Chaz Lieberman: Dead or Alive

Upon finding Chaz you have two options to deal with him if he is still alive:

  • Kill Him: Simply shoot him until he dies and then pick up his corpse
  • Subdue Him: Shoot the gun out of his hand then approach him and secure him

To get the most out of this job you want to capture Chaz alive. Otherwise it doesn’t really pay all that well and is a bit of time sink for a reward of little money.

Take Chaz Lieberman to the Transporter then to the Backup Transporter

Outside the warehouse make your way towards the transporter. As you approach it a cutscene will trigger, showing an enemy shooting a rocket at it, which destroys it.

After the cutscene, you need to take Chaz to a backup transporter delivered by your business. Enemies will appear while you’re heading towards the backup transporter. Defeat them to ensure Chaz’s safety and continue to the backup transporter. Once you reach it, interact with Chaz to place him in the back.

Take Chaz Lieberman to the Bail Office

Once Chaz is securely stowed in the transporter, drive him back to your Bail Office. Enemies will attempt to intercept you during the journey. Upon reaching your Bail Office, park the transporter in the garage to complete the job, triggering the results screen.

After delivering Chaz, your reward is processed, which can take about 5 minutes or longer depending on your Bail Enforcement Agent count. Once processed, you’ll receive the bounty.

Upon completing a Most Wanted Target, you cannot attempt the bounty again until the next day when a new target appears at 6AM EDT.

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