GTA Online Grace Whitney Most Wanted Target Guide

Grace Whitney Most Wanted Target.

In GTA Online Grace Whitney is a Most Wanted Target players can find and capture. This character is one of multiple daily targets players can complete if they own the Bail Enforcement business. To help you complete this Most Wanted Target hunt see our full GTA Online Grace Whitney Most Wanted Target guide below.

How to Start a Most Wanted Target

Bail office computer.
You can access the Most Wanted Target from the computer in your Bail office.

To start a Most Wanted Target, you must either own a Bail Enforcement business or join someone who does. If you own the business, register as a boss and access the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement System from the computer in your Bail office.

Once in the system, you’ll find three regular targets and a daily Most Wanted Target. Select the Most Wanted Target to initiate the job for that bounty. You’ll then be taken to a pre-job launch screen where you can purchase ammo and armor, select the radio station, and invite other players to join you.

Most Wanted Target: Grace Whitney Job

Grace Whitney is one of possible the Most Wanted Targets you can receive each real-world day. Capturing Grace involves completing several objectives during the job, which take you to various locations.

To see the full job in action, watch the video from the Hold To Reset YouTube channel above. For a more detailed walkthrough of each objective, read the sections below.

Go to the St. Fiacre Hospital Morgue and Take out Guard at Entrance

When you start the Grace Whitney Most Wanted Target, follow the quest markers directing you to the St. Fiarce Hospital Morgue.

Eliminate the guard stationed at the morgue entrance; a headshot from a sniper rifle or pistol will do the job easily. Proceed inside the hospital to continue the mission and receive your next objective.

Find the Body in the Morgue and Take a Photo of It

Grace Whitney body at the morgue in GTA Online.
Find the body in the morgue and snap a photo of it.

Inside the morgue, take out both guards stationed there. Afterward, proceed to locate the marked body within the morgue, indicated by a green dot on your mini-map. Approach the dot and open the mortuary cabinet to reveal the body inside.

Pull out your phone and use Snapmatic to capture a picture of the body. Send the photo to Jenette. Exit the Hospital Morgue through the entrance you used to enter.

As you head back to the Bail Transporter security will swarm the area. A number of enemies will appear. Dispatch them then head to your van to receive your next job objective.

The next step in this quest is to drive over to Grace Whitney’s Gallery. Follow the quest markers to reach it. At the gallery entrance there are two security guards standing there. Dispatch them both then use the elevator they were guarding to reach the interior of the gallery.

Secure Grace Whitney Round 1

Inside the gallery you need to make your way up a few floors. These floors are crawling with more security guards. Take them out as you make your way up the floors towards the roof.

Go to the Roof Via the Elevator

As you go up Grace Whitney will flee to the roof. You need to make your way to the top floor and use the elevator there. Defeat the guards and go up each floor. Along the way you can snag an additional take by stealing a painting.

Additional Take: Painting

Grace Whitney painting and bag.
Grab the bag then steal the painting to earn an additional end job bonus.

On the second floor, there isa a painting hanging on the wall. This valuable painting can be stolen to receive an additional $5,000. To obtain it, grab the bag positioned opposite the wall where the painting hangs. Interact with the painting to cut it from off the wall.

Once you’ve snagged the painting continue on with the job. Make your way to the top floor and use the elevator there to reach the roof.

Secure Grace Whitney Round 2

At the top of the building you need to make your way to the helipad where Grace Whitney is located. To do this clear your way through the various guards and follow the path heading up. As you go up a helicopter with enemies in it will appear. Take it out and continue going up.

On the second section of the roof another helicopter will appear. This one drops more enemies down. Defeat them then head up the stairs to the helipad. Take out the two guards with Whitney Grace.

Bringing in Whitney Grace: Dead or Alive

Grace Whitney on the Helipad.
On the helipad you can kill or secure Grace.

On the helipad you can decide how you want to take care of Whitney Grace. There are two possible outcomes from this standoff which lead to different outcomes in the quest:

  • Kill Her: Simply shoot her until she dies and then pick up her corpse
  • Subdue Her: Shoot the gun out of her hand then approach and secure her

To get the most out of this job you want to capture Grace alive. Otherwise it doesn’t really pay all that well and is a bit of time sink for a reward of little money.

Take Grace Whitney to the Coroner of Bail Office

Your decision during the showdown segment determines where to take Whitney Grace in the final section of the job. If you killed her, deliver her corpse to the Los Santos County Coroner’s Office, earning you only 25% of the job’s reward. If you captured her alive, drive her to the Bail Office for processing to receive the full reward.

While driving either the corpse or the alive target to its destination, beware of enemies on the roads. They will constantly spawn and chase you during the delivery.

Delivering the body to the Coroner’s Office pays out your reward immediately. However, if you deliver the target alive to your Bail Office, there is a processing window before you receive your reward. Having Bail Enforcement Agents in your business shortens this processing time.

Upon completing a Most Wanted Target, you cannot attempt the bounty again until the next day when a new target appears at 6AM EDT.

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