GTA Online Omar Garcia Most Wanted Target Guide

Omar Garcia Most Wanted Target.

In GTA Online Omar Garcia is a Most Wanted Target players can find and capture. This character is one of multiple daily targets players can complete if they own the Bail Enforcement business. To help you complete this Most Wanted Target hunt see our full GTA Online Omar Garcia Most Wanted Target guide below.

How to Start a Most Wanted Target

Bail office computer.
You can access the Most Wanted Target from the computer in your Bail office.

To start a Most Wanted Target, you must either own a Bail Enforcement business or join someone who does. If you own the business, register as a boss and access the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement System from the computer in your Bail office.

Once in the system, you’ll find three regular targets and a daily Most Wanted Target. Select the Most Wanted Target to initiate the job for that bounty. You’ll then be taken to a pre-job launch screen where you can purchase ammo and armor, select the radio station, and invite other players to join you.

Most Wanted Target: Omar Garcia Job

Omar Garcia is one of possible the Most Wanted Targets you can receive each real-world day. Capturing Omar involves completing several objectives during the job, which take you to various locations.

To see the full job in action, watch the video from the Hold To Reset YouTube channel above. For a more detailed walkthrough of each objective, read the sections below.

Go to the Lifeinvader Offices

When you start this job, head to the Lifeinvader Offices by following the quest marker to the location in Los Santos. Upon arrival, you’ll need to hack the door on the southeast corner of the building. Interact with the keypad to hack it, then enter the building.

Find the Servers

Once inside the Lifeinvader Offices, your new objective is to find the servers. As you search for them, take out the guards and any security cameras you encounter to avoid triggering the alarm.

The Server Room entrance in Lifeinvader Office.
To enter the Server Room you need to complete a mini-game hack.

The server room is located up the stairs in the northeast corner of the open office area. The door is locked, so you’ll need to hack it open by completing the Print Cloner mini-game, which requires you to make a matching a fingerprint.

Hack the Servers to Locate Omar Garcia

In the server room, there are two servers you must interact with and hack. Each server requires you to complete a mini-game where you connect nodes together. After connecting the nodes, test the connections. If any nodes disconnect, the connection is wrong; the ones that stay connected are correct. Upon completing all four nodes, the server is hacked. Repeat this process for both servers.

Exit the Lifeinvaders Office

After successfully hacking both servers, you will learn the location of Omar Garcia. The building’s alarm will then trigger, causing more security guards to converge on your location. Make your way back outside and get into the transporter.

Go to The LS Car Meet

In the Transporter, you’ll receive your next objective: go to the LS Car Meet. Follow the quest markers to reach this location. While driving, expect security guards to pursue you in their cars and attempt to eliminate you. Once you reach the LS Car Meet, enter through the garage door.

Find a Way to Enter the Test Track

Omar is driving around on the Test Track at the LS Car Meet. To reach him, you need to create a distraction to move the guard away from the entrance.

Sabotaging a truck in the LS Car Meet.
Sabotage the engine of this truck to access the Test Track.

Head to the delivery truck in the northeast corner of the LS Car Meet. Walk up to the engine and interact with it to sabotage the truck. This will cause the guard to leave the entrance to the Test Track, allowing you to enter.

Damage Omar’s Vorschlaghammer

Hitting Omar with a car on the Test Track.
Use a car from the Test Track to hit Omar.

Go into the Test Track area and get into one of the parked drift cars located on the perimeter. Drive up onto the track and position yourself to wait for Omar. When he approaches, crash into his car to damage it. This action triggers a cutscene where Omar exits the Test Track and continues onto the street.

Out on the street you need to chase Omar and damage his car until he stops. The only way you can damage it is by crashing into it with your car. Shooting it causes it to blow up. Chase Omar and crash into him until his car’s health is depleted. This forces him to stop and he gets out.

Bringing in Omar Garcia: Dead or Alive

Once you’ve disabled Omar’s car and forced him out of it you will enter a showdown with him. You need to decide what to do here. There are two choices you can make that determine the outcome of the job:

  • Kill Him: Run him over or shoot him until he dies and then pick up his corpse
  • Subdue Him: Shoot the gun out of his hand then approach him and secure him

To get the most out of this job you want to capture Omar alive. Otherwise it doesn’t really pay all that well and is a bit of time sink for a reward of little money.

Take Omar Garcia to the Coroner or Bail Office

Your decision during the showdown segment determines where to take Omar Garcia in the final section of the job. If you killed him, deliver his corpse to the Los Santos County Coroner’s Office, earning you only 25% of the job’s reward. If you captured him alive, drive him to the Bail Office for processing to receive the full reward.

While driving either the corpse or the alive target to its destination, beware of enemies on the roads. They will constantly spawn and chase you during the delivery.

Delivering the body to the Coroner’s Office pays out your reward immediately. However, if you deliver the target alive to your Bail Office, there is a processing window before you receive your reward. Having Bail Enforcement Agents in your business shortens this processing time.

Upon completing a Most Wanted Target, you cannot attempt the bounty again until the next day when a new target appears at 6AM EDT.

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