GTA Online LS Car Meet Test Rides Explained

Three Test Rides in the LS Car Meet in GTA Online.

GTA Online features the LS Car Meet Test Rides, offering players a chance to test drive exclusive cars each week. These cars are often uniquely wrapped or previously unavailable, providing an opportunity to try out and potentially purchase some rare and stylish vehicles. Our comprehensive guide below covers everything you need to know about the GTA Online LS Car Meet Test Rides, including how to access them and what’s available this week.

Where are the Test Rides in the Los Santos Car Meet

To explore the weekly Test Rides and experience them on the dedicated test track, head over to the LS Car Meet in Cypress Flats. If it’s your first visit, expect a personal invite from Mimi, guiding you to check out this exclusive venue. Keep in mind that accessing the LS Car Meet and its features comes with a one-time membership fee of $50,000.

The LS Car Meet Test Rides map location.
The Test Rides are at this map marker in the LS Car Meet.

To locate the Test Rides at the LS Car Meet, head over to the Test Ride area, marked on your map, near the entrance to the Test Track. At this location you will find three cars you can take for a spin on the Test Track.

What Can You Do on the Test Track

To test any of the available cars, interact with them in the LS Car Meet. You can choose to “Enter with Other Players” or “Enter Alone”. This allows you to take the car onto the Test Track for a spin, experiencing the ride either solo or in a group setting.

Once you’re on the Test Track, you have the freedom to drive around at your leisure for as long as you wish. Simply driving around earns you LS Car Meet RP. For those seeking more excitement, you can engage in a Time Trial by selecting it from the LS Car Meet interaction menu.

When you are done on the Test Track you can leave it by either exiting the vehicle or driving the vehicle out. This will return you back to the LS Car Meet or take you outside.

What are the Test Rides this Week at the Los Santos Car Meet?

What’s interesting about the Test Rides is that the three available cars change weekly during the game’s weekly reset. This gives you the opportunity to test drive a diverse selection of vehicles over time, ensuring a fresh experience each week.

The current Test Ride cars and their purchase prices for July 18-24 are:

While examining the vehicles, you can view more details by pressing the stats button (down on the D-pad). This brings up the vehicle’s name, seller, and stats.

Can You Buy Test Rides?

Test or Buy icons when standing next to the Test Rides in the LS Car Meet.
You can Test or Buy the Test Rides.

The Test Rides system lets players test and potentially purchase featured vehicles. If you find a car you like among the three available for the week, you can buy it directly.

To purchase a vehicle, approach the car and select the “Purchase Vehicle” option in the top-left corner of your screen. This will open a confirmation screen that shows the vehicle’s price and prompts you to confirm your purchase.

Once you confirm your purchase, select the property where you want to store the car. It will be delivered to your Garage shortly. Like other vehicles, Test Rides can be taken to any Los Santos Customs shop for customization.

There are other vehicles like the Test Rides that rotate weekly. Players looking to expand their collections with more unique vehicles should participate in Salvage Yard Robberies or visit the Premium and Deluxe auto shops in Los Santos.

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