GTA Online Weekly Salvage Yard Robberies

GTA Online Planning Wall in the Salvage Yard.

In the GTA Online update on December 12th, 2023, Rockstar Games added a new weekly activity players could take part in called Salvage Yard Robberies. These weekly robberies allow you to execute special missions to steal cars from various locations across Los Santos. To keep track of the currently active missions, see details of the GTA Online Weekly Salvage Yard Robberies below.

Currently Available Weekly Salvage Yard Robberies

Each week, there are three Salvage Yard locations available for players to choose from when doing a robbery. These locations are selected by Rockstar and cycle through during the GTAO Weekly Reset.

The currently available Salvage Yard Robberies and the vehicles from them for July 18-25 are:

Rockstar has stated that they will be cycling out the locations and cars during the weekly reset. The lists above will update to reflect the changes to both.

How to Start Weekly Salvage Yard Robberies

To initiate Weekly Salvage Yard Robberies, ensure you’ve purchased a Salvage Yard property. There are five locations available around Los Santos. Once you’ve acquired one, enter the property. Inside, you’ll find a Planning Wall that you can interact with once you are registered as a boss.

The Planning Wall allows you to select from one of three available Salvage Yard Robberies. Your initial decision is to select the vehicle you want to target. Each vehicle corresponds to a weekly robbery location available by Rockstar.

Once you’ve selected a target, you will commence the prep steps for that robbery. These steps encompass scoping out, engaging in stealing/destroying missions, and ultimately executing the robbery. Stealing cars enables you to earn GTA$ for your efforts.

If you are looking for more unique cars each week you can get some through the LS Car Meet Test Rides or by visiting the Ultra and Premium car shops in Los Santos.

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