Red Dead Online Weekly Update Bonuses and Sales

Each week Rockstar updates there popular be-a-cowboy online game Red Dead Online. These updates bring a number of additions to the game like new animals to hunt, new items, new bonuses, and sales on in-game items you can purchase. Since this list of additions is constantly changing each week you may wish to know what exactly is new. To help you keep track of changes consult the Red Dead Online weekly update list below. This list contains the current bonuses and sales you will find in-game.

Red Dead Online Update Today Bonuses and Sales

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Every Tuesday Red Dead Online receives a weekly ‘reset’ of sorts. This reset adds and changes things in the game. These changes can be small things like rotating sales to more impactful things like new animals to hunt.

New Additions

  • N/A.

2x/3x Activities

  • Butcher Sales – 2x Rewards.
  • Horse Races – 2x Rewards.
  • The Ember of the East – 2x Rewards.
  • Wild Animal Tagging – 3x Rewards.
  • Wildlife Photographer – 3x Rewards.
  • Selling Animal Samples – 3x Rewards.

Featured Series Calendar

  • November 1-7: Lemoyne Series – Craft a Coat and a Trinket at Gus’ Store to receive an orange pair of Grayshott Pants.
  • November 8 – 14: Hardcore Mix – Complete an Animal Sighting Mission to earn the Blackgrave Coat dyed yellow and brown.
  • November 15 – 21: Sport of Kings and Last Stand – Craft a Legendary Panther Coat and you’ll get a brown and red pair of Pelt Half Chaps.
  • November 22 – 28: Hardcore Special Edition Modes – Naturalists above Rank 10 will get the orange and brown Kelley Boots this week.

Red Dead Online Login Rewards and Other Bonuses

  • Complete a round of Wildlife Photographer to get the Orange Raccoon Hat.
  • Play Red Dead Online to receive 5x Blending Tonics and 5x Predator Bait.
  • Take 2x Samples to Harriet to receive an Offer for 50% of an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item and 200 Rounds of Sedative Ammo.
  • Claimable community outfit:
    • Kennedy Hat.
    • Walden Coat.
    • Horsemanship Holster.
    • Workman’s Gloves.
    • Western Rider Spurs.
    • Millard Boots.
    • Multi-Tone Half Chaps.
    • Tied Pants.
    • Hopeman Vest.
  • Win a round of Featured Series between Nov 22-28 to receive Macbay Jacket and Diamondback Hat.
  • Between November 23-25 Turkeys turned into the Butchers are worth 5x Rewards.
  • Log in between November 22-28 to receive an Offer for 10 Gold Bars off one of the Sample Kit, Butcher Table, Bounty Hunter Licenses, Moonshine Shack, or Collector’s Bag — plus RDO$150.

Items on Sale in Red Dead Online

  • Sample Kit – 10 Gold off.
  • Advanced Cameras – 30% off.
  • Gypsy Cob Horses – 40% off.
  • Novice and Promising Naturalist Role Items – 40% off.
  • Saddle Bags, Improved Bow Variants, and Trinkets from Gus’ Store – 40% off.
  • Bow – 40% off.
  • Elephant Rifle – 40% off.
  • Ponshos, Corsets, Boots, and Pants – 40% off.
  • Harriet’s Tonics – 50% off.
  • Fishing Rod and Fishing Lures – 50% off.

Rockstar Games x Twitch Rewards

To unlock the rewards listed here you will need to have a Rockstar Game Social Club account and Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime). These two accounts can be linked to claim items in Red Dead Online. These items can be claimed by visiting

  • 5x Gold Bars.
  • 3x Special Snake Oil.
  • Farling Jacket in Brown or Black offer.
  • Bring it On Emote.

That’s everything inside this week’s Red Dead Online weekly update. Check back every Tuesday to find out what Rockstar has added/changed or left the same in their popular cowboy online game. For exact notes on what has been added/changed visit Rockstar’s Newswire.

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