Red Dead Online Update July 2024 Bonuses and Sales

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Each week Rockstar updates there popular be-a-cowboy online game Red Dead Online. These updates bring a number of additions to the game like new animals to hunt, new items, new bonuses, and sales on in-game items you can purchase. Since this list of additions is constantly changing each week you may wish to know what exactly is new. To help you keep track of changes consult the Red Dead Online weekly update list below. This list contains the current bonuses and sales you will find in-game.

Red Dead Online Update Time

As of July 2022 Rockstar officially stopped development on major updates for Red Dead Online. This moved the weekly update schedule to a monthly one. Updates to Red Dead Online typically occur on the first Tuesday of each new month.

The monthly updates no longer add in anything new to the game. Instead Rockstar makes changes to what items are on sale, active bonus Gold and XP opportunities, and various other modifications such as re-releasing event old passes.

Current Red Dead Online Update Bonuses and Sales

Every month Rockstar announces the new Red Dead Online update by releasing patch notes to their Newswire service. The current, active, update changes are located in the lists below. These changes will be live from July 2-29.

New Additions

  • N/A

2x/3x/4x Activities

  • Telegram Missions – 2x Gold, RDO$, and XP
  • Featured Series – 2x RDO$ and XP
  • Naturalist Free Roam Events – 3x RDO$ and XP
  • Sample Sales to Harriet Davenport – 3x RDO$ and XP
  • Free Roam Event – 3x Ability Card XP
  • Gang Hideouts – 3x XP
  • July 2 – 8: Hardcore Most Wanted
  • July 9 – 15: Hardcore Plunder and Spoils of War
  • July 16 – 22: Hardcore Overrun
  • July 23 – 29: Team Gun Rush

Weekly Bonuses

Make a Sample sale to Harriet Davenport to receive the following bonuses each week:

  • July 2 – 8: A white pair of Strickland Boots
  • July 9 – 15: An Offer for 50% off a Camp Tent
  • July 16 – 22: An Offer for 50% off the Deluxe Campfire
  • July 23 – 29: A white pair of Carver Pants

Monthlong Rewards

  • Complete an Animal Sighting mission to earn the Burned Town Treasure Map and the blue Owanjila Hat
  • Do all Daily Challenges for five days in a row to get the Eberhart Coat
  • Craft an item at your Campfire to get the 50% off Advanced Camera coupon

Login Rewards and Other Bonuses

  • July 2-8: Login to receive the Rebellion Poncho
  • Naturilsts that login any time before July 29th get the following:
    • 30 Sedative Rounds
    • 3 Blending Tonics
    • Potent Predator Bait

Free Community-Inspired Outfit

Claim the pieces below for free from participating Tailors and the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue through July 29:

Limited Time Items for Sale (Until July 29)

  • Patterned Bandana
  • Covington Hat
  • Tied Pants
  • Ortega Vest
  • Woodland Gloves

Items on Sale

  • Sample Kit – 5 Gold off
  • Emotes – 30% off
  • Trinkets – 30% off
  • Gus’ Store Clothing – 30% off
  • Camp Dogs – 40% off
  • Criollo and Gypsy Cob Horses – 40% off
  • Varmint Rifle – 40% off
  • Revolvers – 40% off
  • Revolver Style Customizations – 30% off
  • Ammo Pamphlets – 30% off
  • Bandoliers and Off-Hand Holsters – 30% off
  • Boots – 50% off

That’s everything inside this month’s Red Dead Online update. Check back every first Tuesday of the month to find out what Rockstar has added/changed or left the same in their popular cowboy online game.

Thoughts on today’s Red Dead Online weekly update? Drop them in comments below.



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